Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year Everybody!! I'm a bit late........ sorry......

Hey everybody!!  Sorry I haven't been around in a while, but I've been busy as a beaver the last couple of weeks, and I have a few more days to go before I can sit down and do some real blogging!!   We are doing some much needed renovations to our house, and it's never ending, it seems.  I've got sore muscles on top of sore muscles.....geeezzzz.....this stuff is hard on an ole' gal!!  :)  But it needs to get done, so until I can really sit down and get some decent information out to yall, I'll be a makeshift contractor!!  lol......  It will only be a few more days, then I can relax a little! 
I hope yall had a great Christmas and New Year!!  Mine was good, with family and food and spirits!!  :)   And now it's time to get down to business with all the work I have left to do in my house.  There hasn't been but very little Casey info anyway.  I'm sure he's been in Fort Worth just kicking back and enjoying his time off.  We all know what a busy year he's had!!  And in a little over 2 months, we should have a CD in our hands!!!  I, for one cannot wait!!!!  What a great day that will be for all of us who have waited so patiently for the heart of this music man!!
I hope Casey does a lot of this, in the new year!!!  :)  (Such a c*u*t*i*e....) Thanks Robyn L. for this very cool shot!!

Let's all remember to keep requesting his single at your local radio station and voting for the video on CMT Top 20 Countdown and GAC Top 20 Countdown , and  CMT Pure 12 Pack.

There is one thing I want to share with yall ..... since this news just broke a day or two ago!!  Seems Casey has given himself the ultimate Christmas gift!!  While at home for his holiday break, he made his way to the Crysler / Jeep / Dodge Dealership in McKinney, Tx. just north of Dallas, and bought himself a brand new Dodge Truck!!  Woo Hoo!!!  And if thats it behind them in the picture, it certainly is a black beauty!!  Check it out below!!  :)

Haha!!!  The full on beard again!!!  That tells me he's been relaxing!!  And I'm so thrilled to hear he has finally bought himself a new vehicle!  I'm pretty sure that Mercury Mountaineer has seen it's better day!! :-D Congratulations to Casey, and I hope he enjoys his new truck for many years to come!!

Ok, yall, gotta run, got stuff to do.....putting in a new pantry tomorrow, so have to clean out the old one!!  I'll be back real soon yall.....have a safe week, and come on back in a few days, and we'll talk Casey!!!!  :)

Until then......


  1. good to see Caseymania Glenda Casey got a NEW truck. Aint that a hoot?!! So proud for him, he's been very patience waitin' for this treat. Glad to know he'll be safe on the road. Oh and my son says this truck has a BIG engine and is F. A. S. T. haha Casey does seem to be 'a guy' :D

  2. I figured this truck had the big Hemi in it!! Yes, Casey loves to 'Drive'....haha!! I'm just so proud he finally spent some money I'm himself! He's a bit of a tight wad so I hear! Nothing wrong at all with that, if you don't make much money. But I know he makes enough to afford that truck! So I'm thrilled for him!! :)

  3. Haha... I meant "ON" himself not I'm himself!! Haha!! My crazy auto correct on my phone!! :)