Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New shows added, new pics from Minneapolis, and other news.

Hey there Casey fans!  I'm back now, I had to do some family stuff for a couple days.  A family reunion is always fun.   In my family anyway!!  It was a warm day, but a nice one with lots of friendly visitation, horseplay, hugs, lots of awesome food and pictures being taken from every angle!  A fun day, but for some reason, there was not one musician there this year.... :(  Not even a karaoke machine!  Seemed every musician or karaoke person could not make it!  That's odd, because we usually have many musicians & singers!  So....I just had to pull out the phone and turn everybody at the table on to.....yep, you guessed it.....the one and only Casey James!!!  I'm putting links on their FB sites, cause they were interested!!  They especially liked the Blues....and said 'he was tearing up that guitar!!!'  I was ecstatic!!  More Casey fans!!!  :)

There are some new photos that have come in from the last show in Minneapolis the other night.  Those are some very nice shots, I have to say!!  Check 'em out....

Big thanks to Donna Camarata for her fabulous shots!
If you would like to see the rest of her photos click HERE

And one more thing from that show is this 'over the top awesome' video of Casey doing "Done Made Up My Mind".....I've seen him do this song many times in videos and in person, and to this day, I have NEVER heard him do it THIS way!!!!  Put your headphones on and get ready to be WOWED!!  It is awesome!!!

Done Made Up My Mind
many thanks to samboy58 for this most memorable performance video!!!

Ok....after that performance, I'll admit it....I'm a bit weak in the knees!!  I felt like I was right there on the front of that stage rocking out with him!!!  :)

I need to get on with the other news!   There's 2 new shows added recently to Casey's schedule!  One is in Akron, Ohio on October 12th at the Tangier, for 94.9 WQMX's Rising Star Songwriters Showcase.  You can get VIP w/ Meet & Greet for $30 or General Admission for $15.  The procedes will benefit the 'Muffins for Mamagrams'.  Sounds like a great time for a great cause!

The other show is a big treat for the East coast fans!!!  At last, they get a Casey show!!  It will be on October 13th at Red Bank, N.J.  Radio station Thunder 106 will be bringing Casey to The Downtown
located at 10 West Front Street on the Jersey Shore!
I hope many many of Casey's East Coast fans get to go to this!  Sounds like a place you could get up close to the stage and enjoy Casey at his best!!

More and more radio stations are adding Casey's new single every week, there were 3 adds this week and Tuesday, later today, we'll have the stats again on where it is sitting on the charts!!  Just remember we have to get the radio stations to play his single, and if they are not playing it yet, just keep requesting it a few times a week, but if your local station is playing it, you can request it every day!!  The more spins it gets, the faster it moves up the charts, and he's about to break into the Top 40!!!  That's the breaking point, that's where the fun starts.....thats when you know good things are happening for this single!!  Thats when a lot of other stations will pick it up and start playing it, and so on and so forth!  In last weeks publication of Music Row, they reported that Casey's single hit the "On Deck...Soon To Be Charting" list with 133 spins!!  It's only going to get better from here!  It has already hit one milestone....it's audience impression jumped over one million!!  Wow!!  That's awesome news!!  Just keep calling in those requests and clicking on those links to request his song as much as we can!!

Since we all now know that Casey's video for LDCIAN has already been shot, it's just a matter of time before we hear the announcement it is released to CMT and GAC.  Normally I've seen GAC play a new video before CMT, but....I don't know if this will be the case for Casey, but we'll see.  I just feel that when that video gets out there for the public to see.....that single is just going to fly down to the Top 10!  Believe it or not, not all artists shoot for that #1 record.  If they can get into the Top 10, especially with the 1st single then that is a huge accomplishment, and gets him noticed much more by the media and others!  And if it goes to #1, then it's Party Time!!  But I don't want to get everyone's hopes up and say that it absolutely is going to #1....cause I don't know that.  We can all hope and pray, like I'm sure he does, but there's no guarantee it will make it where it needs to be.  Thats why we have to do everything in our power to help it get there.  I know everybody is doing all they can, and it's so appreciated by Casey!  He loves us fans for what we do, and will always give 110% every time he gets on that stage or walks in that studio....and without us..... well, I think he's already been there.

Ok, I'm outta here folks.....yall have a great week, I may be back tomorrow, just depends on what happens....if there great news....I'll be back!!!   :)

Until next time.....

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  1. You have posted that Casey will be in Red Bank on Oct 13th - I called the venue - they don't have him on the calendar.for October at all... any updates??