Friday, September 30, 2011

Internet down

Hey everybody! Sorry about no write-up about the show last night! It poured rain by the buckets (thnx ptb)and although I'm not complaining about the rain, we didn't order all that lightening and wind! :-/
We lost all power for a while and when it came back on, my Internet was dead and still is!! So while I was in town, I thought I'd post at least this with my phone, since I can access the 3G here. My 3G used to work at home, but it quit for some reason a few weeks ago. And the strangest thing happened last nite while the power was off, the 3G worked while I was setting there in the dark, trying to keep all 3 dogs out of my lap!!! They're all scared to death of thunder and lightening! But when the power came back on, the 3G stopped working again! Go figure?!?! If anybody knows what might have caused that, just comment here and I'll read it next time I come to town... lol...or my Internet is fixed, whichever comes first! :)

Thanks y'all...I'll be in contact soon as possible.


  1. Glenda, you have the strangest experiences with your computer!! You should write a book. Genilu

  2. I've been gonna write a book since.....well, a long time ago!! I have so much to share. And all my life experiences could possibly help someone else! I've been called a survivor, and I believe that to be true, I know life has not been easy, been thru a lot! I do need to get started on that book though. Thanks for the reminder Genilu!
    By the way, I had to turn off Wi-Fi then my 3G worked fine! Duh!! I should have known that! :D
    But I still can't figure out why it worked when the electric was off, unless it has something to do with my wireless router. I don't know....