Saturday, September 24, 2011

Casey James surprises fans with a late night twitter party!

Hey yall!!  I was up just doing a little editing here and there, looking at pictures, and listening to the whole 2 hour show recorded at Billy Bobs on July 1st......yep I'm missing seeing him perform front of me.....and I just need a Casey hug..... :(  And fate stepped in with a very loud  *ding* *ding*......OMG.....Casey just tweeted!!!!  I proceeded to jump off the couch and fly across the room to my 'plugged in phone' when I realized it was right beside me.....duh!!!  well.....I did have my headphones on and in my mind I was back at Billy Bobs watching Casey!!!  Talk about getting snapped out of a wide awake dream.....Shooo....I had to hurry, it had been at least 12 seconds since that sound stopped me dead in my tracks and jolted me back to reality!!!  Hahaha!!!   I hurried over to the twitter page, which I actually had just opened earlier because I was looking around........remember??  And sure enough......the blue guitar......where is it???   Oh blue guitar anymore......the Jake Felts picture now.....brown colored......where is it???   Ahhhhh and then I saw it!  :)   It took me all of 2 seconds to read it....and another 10 to open the link he attached!  This was's this beautiful picture we have all been talking about!!!!  I was confused as to the actual owner and 3 people were in my when I read the words he had written.....I answered with the first name that came to mind.....Well.....I'll just post the whole convo down below.  He asked a question and we all came to answer!!

Casey Everett James
Hey y'all, who took this pic?

And I said.....

Glenda Jordon
I thought it was Donna Camarata, not sure though

All this time I'm trying to remember what I had heard about the picture earlier.....then I saw TCJB had answered it....

The Casey James Blog
Jenn Johnston

Then I remembered.....Jenn took the picture with Cyndee's camera!!!  That's it!!  Then more questions came flying off the twitter screen....and Casey was talking!!

Paula Mulgrew
More importantly, when do we get to see that video for your single??

Casey Everett James.
no guarantees. But if the people who make those decisions choose to play it, you will get to see it pretty soon. :)
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<  That was me!!!

Then this question came up....


Great pic!! What song were you singing?

Casey Everett James
looks like I'm playing an E. And if I'm singin that hard, it's prolly "Done Made Up My Mind"

Ok, I'm loving this so far!!!

will you please tell me about "never walk away"? Who wrote it? You. Buster. And daisy?

Casey Everett James
me and Natalie Hemby. She is awesome. We had a blast writing it.
Hmmmm good question....

Tracy Scott
What instruments did you play on LDCIAN? AWESOME MUSIC!!

Casey Everett James
just a tele and a strat. :)

And with this next tweet, he thanked Jenn for the picture....  But I did tell him it was Jenn who took the  picture with Cyndee's camera.

Casey Everett James
Well thanks Jenn for that pic! :)

He answered some good questions tonight!  Thanks to all who participated and got him to find us irresistible enough (*yea...right...*lol*) to chat a while with!!  :)  and with this...... he was gone for the night.

Casey Everett James
I'm off to bed. Goddnight y'all. Sleep tight!

Ok, yall....I'm out of here for the night!!  Just thought I'd do something a little out of left field for me.....something exciting.....hope yall enjoyed the chit chat!!!  :)

Until next time.....


  1. Glenda, I just LOVE your enthusiasm & excitement in this post!!! I got nervous for you just readin

    That Casey is such a night owl...I was sound asleep, but I WAS dreamin about goin to see him ;)

  2. What a fun thing for the night owls, so sweet that Casey liked that picture and commented on it. Thank you Glenda this is a gem.

  3. HaHa... I SO got a visual of you stumbling around trying to get on Twitter quick! Been there, done that! lol I, also, love your enthusiasm... it makes your blog SO fun to read cuz you bring us right there with you! Great recap of the Twitter Party :)

  4. Thanks yall!! I've sorta gotten away from a lot of that kind of writing, and it felt good to do it again! I think a nice mix of silly and serious is what Caseymania is all about anyway!! love yall...thanks for the comments!!

  5. I loved this story! Idk if u mentioning me had anything to do with him tweeting me that night or not but he answered a question I had asked him too about a game called 42 dominoes. I was thrilled n stunned to get a tweet from him. Especially after just seeing him in MN like the night before. Anyway, thx for mentioning my name but of course I can't take credit for that pic. Love ur site n your stories, thx for all u do!

  6. Hey DJ...I don't think now that it was because I mentioned your name....I think he just saw your question and answered it....just perfect timing on my part to mention your name at the same time!! LoL!! I don't know how it happened, but I'm just glad it did, for YOU!!!! He has answered me several times and told me he prayed for me when my mom passed....I literally cried at that tweet.....what a precious soul he is!
    Thanks glad to have you as a reader!! :)