Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Updated w/more videos!! Recap from Temple, Tx. show and more....

New Update Below....

How's everybody doing?!  I took a bit of time off, to regroup, and I have the recap from
Saturday's show in Temple, Tx.!  It was a great show, and many old fans and new fans were there cheering Casey on!!  There is a new addition to the Casey James band, and his name is Justin Barbee.  He's playing Keyboards for Casey now, since Justin Pate left recently.  I didn't get to talk with him, but I'm sure I will in the future!
The evening started off with a fan dinner, except the place we were gonna meet everyone was packed and we were running just a few minutes late.  So a few of us ended up going to Taco Cabana to eat, because we didn't have a lot of time until it was time for the VIP.  And we couldn't miss that!  So we ran on over there and got there in plenty of time.  So after we're all paid with armbands on, we were led over to where the VIP was gonna take place.  We all sat down and Casey came out pretty quickly.  He started talking right away about the new Amp Box he had gotten with his name on it, it was very nice.  And then he began talking about the case, the Acoustic guitar he plays all the time, the McPherson, is cradled in when not in use, or on a stand.  He said it was horrible, and so heavy!!  So in conversations with the McPherson people, Casey said he wanted a new case, and to one day get a couple other guitars he likes of theirs.....they are all being shipped to him as we speak..... if he hasn't already gotten them.  Wow....those McPherson people are really good to Casey!!  I like that!!
Then....Casey told us there was BIG NEWS breaking on the 27th of this month....that would be Wednesday, this week!!!  A few of us tried to talk him into just a little hint as to what it was, and others were trying to 'guess' what it was....and he held the guitar up and said...."No....stop guessing, I don't have a good poker face"!!!  Haha!!!  So we all stopped, and he said its only 4 days!!  So now....what do yall think the BIG news is???  If I had to guess, and I do.....I'd say they are gearing up to release "Drive" as the 3rd single from his self titled debut album!!  What do yall think??  Its perfect timing, because if it's released in early March, it should be screaming down the charts by mid-summer.....and it IS a summer song!!!  So....thats my guess.....what do yall think??
I asked him if he was gonna be at the ACM's this year....and he said he didn't know......then quickly said...."I hate doing those Awards shows!!"  Then he laughed.....but I think he's just  uncomfortable doing the red carpet thing.  I could be wrong, but thats the vibe I get from him.

After we were finished there, we all just visited until time for the opening band.  And they were very good....but their name slips my mind.    :-/   So what's new?!  Right?!?!
I'm writing and listening to BB King's Bluesville on Serius.  I've learned that is a comfortable surround sound when I'm writing.....All I need is a glass of wine.....wait.....I'm out....oh well....not tonight.  Just heard "Too many Drivers at the Wheel" by Tab Benoit.  I love that song!!

Ok, fast forward and Casey is introduced and he grabs one of his guitars and asked the question in the mic..... "How yall doin'?"  And the people let him know quick how they were doing!!  It was a live wire crowd....they were loud and happy to be there!!!

BREAKING NEWS.....THIS JUST IN......AS PER AIRCHECK WEEKLY.....we CAN expect a NEW SINGLE from Casey James on April 1st!!!!  I'm pretty sure that was the BIG NEWS, but we still don't know which song it will be.....fingers crossed for "DRIVE!!!!"

Now, back to the show that's starting in front of me!!   He started out as usual with one of my favorite songs.... "The Good Life".....then things just get blurry and run together. Never can remember the order in which they were sang.   I know he sang "Lets Don't Call It A Night" and "Crying on a Suitcase", "So High", "Drive", "Breaking thru the Blue", Run Away, A Woman's Touch, and one by special request, which we know by now, Casey rarely does requests.   Let me tell you a sweet little story.....

The man, whose name was Paul Luman, was behind me about 2 rows, and soon enough I noticed he was holding up a sign sometimes.  I never could read the sign for a little bit, but then he held it high and I turned around and read it.... "Please play 'So Sweet' for an old Marine", it read....  Well, I thought, 'poor guy, Casey won't do it'.... But to my astonishment, he stopped and read the sign.....then said....give me that....so the guy gave it to him, and Casey held it high, and said...."heres whats going on....I was reading this."  He turned the sign around for the crowd to see, then said...."How could I say No to that?"  He then laid it nonchalantly to the side and told him he would do it....and it was gonna be fun....with a little chuckle.  And I thought the guy was gonna lose it right there, he was so very excited!!  So when Casey started singing "So Sweet" the guy was behind me singing every word, and I thought, 'he needs to be where I am'.....so I reached back and grabbed his arm and gently pulled him up in my place and he was beside himself with joy!!  I wanted this old Marine to enjoy every bit of the song he loves so much!  And he certainly did that!  I was so proud for him, I found him after the show, got his name and a picture, and told him what I do then handed him a card.  Asking for permission to post his story and picture, and he obliged me and said Yes!  I just love stuff like this.....it brought tears to my eyes, and his too!!  Casey is really a good guy to waver from his list and do this for this guy....but he wanted to do it for him, I could tell.  Thank you Casey for making this guy's night!!  And thank you Paul....it was a pleasure to meet you and I thank you for your service!  Hope to see you again at a future show!!
Here is the video in full, with Casey talking about the sign.... and saying it was his favorite performance of it just because he(the man) loved the song so much.....omg....tears were wellin' up!  :-)

Thanks to rjnelson785 for capturing this awesome video!!

I was only able to get 3 videos of my own, so I'll post them here now.   Just click the Title of the song.

"Run Away"

"A Woman's Touch"

"Breaking through the Blue"


More videos have been posted from the Temple show!!  Thanks again to rjnelson785 for her awesome videos!!

"Need Your Love So Bad"

"So High"

"She's My Girl"

"Run Away"

Here are a few of my pics, I'll look for more, and I will definitely look for more videos.

And here's a lovely photo of a few of the fans!!  Thanks to  Kathy for sharing!

Ok, yall, I'm out of here, I've got the updating done.  Now to go check on another Casey show I can get to!  Later....

Until then....


  1. My husband Nate had pointed Paul out to me and said, "that guy knows every single word to every song!" It was really cool to see how enthusiastic he was! Very cool night!

  2. It was such an amazing night thank you so much for this great blog!

  3. Thanks girls!! Yes, he was quite enthusiastic about Caseys music!! Makes me so proud to see people respond to his music that way!! That was also a great PR move as well, looking at it from a business point of view! All those new fans saw Casey being a really nice guy...that goes a long ways. People will talk about it. :-)

  4. Thank you Glenda for all that you do, capturing the story behind this means the world to us that aren't there.....So Sweet has always been my most favorite song of Casey's and the fact that this "old marine" as he put it requested it means a lot to me too since my son in law is an active marine serving on Parris Island, South Carolina just brings it all home to me even more. I'm always proud to be a Casey James fan and so proud to be friends with such wonderful people! Glenda, you always do such a great job of bringing new fans into the fold! God bless you my friend!

  5. Awwwww thank you Donna....your a gem girl!!!! I'm so glad people enjoyed the write-up about Paul! Got another pic of him from Rhonda, and it's him and his wife. I'll just post it on the next post!

  6. Thanks for sharing so much about the Temple show. Brought tears to my eyes watching Paul. I've seen alot of people enjoy Casey's music but he takes the cake! Loved seeing a GUY get into his music that much. Sad, too, because those kinds of opportunities for Casey to interact with his fans may be limited the more popular he gets. Progress....!

  7. OMG, this is SO SWEET! I probably used a half of my Kleenex box when I read the story about Casey singing "So Sweet" for Paul. God bless Casey and this adorable old marine. And, thank you so much for the awesome blog, Glenda. I've never met you, but I love you!! I've been a regular visitor to your blog and just had to tell how much I enjoy reading your updates. I hope I get to meet you at one of Casey's shows someday.