Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random news....

Too much info to share to put it all in the title this I'm just calling this post, 'Random news'.  I haven't been around as much as I would like, but I'm gonna try to start something different that will work for me, so I can get out all the most important news for yall. 
We are gonna start with the voting that all the fans do from different sites for Casey!  He has some of the most dedicated and loyal fans in the industry.  Fans that have stood by his side since the beginning on American Idol.....and new fans who are just discovering his amazing talents....and all those in between!!   He loves every one of us!  And appreciates everything we do to keep his name out there in the social media and beyond!  It's not always easy, I'm the first one to admit that....but once you are mesmerized by the Casey James want to do anything you can to help him. 
So I will just put a list of the most important voting sites that we need to help out with as much as possible. 

CMT Hot 20 Countdown - NEW!

CMT Pure 12-Pack

GAC Top 20 Countdown

Taste of Country Top 10 Video Countdown

Another thing that we have to remember to do it use the Mediabase requesting links!  I have a list on HERE or Lovin' Lyrics Music Promotions has a nice list as well.  Click the link to either one you would like to use, they both work great.  Big thanks to those guys for all the Casey promotion they do!

And speaking of the *NEW* CMT HOT 20.... Casey was on hand to introduce his single "Crying on a Suitcase" as part of the Countdown in the new show!!  Here is a homemade video of his appearance!!

Thanks to Donna C. for her video. :)

Here's a photo from the CMT Hot 20 show!  Very nice color and Casey looks awesome as always!  :)   I've forgotten the girls name, but the guy is CMT Cody who is a syndicated Radio host in Nashville.  But I remember Cody many years ago when he was a DJ at one of the Dallas stations....either KSCS or KPLX.  ;)

The 48th annual ACM Awards Nominations will be announced today!!  I got my fingers crossed for a nomination for Casey!!  This is the BIG show that I always anticipate coming, because I love it and I always go to the Fan Jam, which is broadcast simultaneously from a different location than the Awards show, but the two are tied together and both get airtime!!  Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan are hosting the Awards show while Brad Paisley will host the Fan Jam!!  It's just a huge amount of fun and it would be great to see more Casey fans out there.  He was there in 2011, but not last'm so hoping he is going to be there playing at one or the other of all the events taking place!!  I'm all booked and ready to go, whether Casey is there, or not.... :(  But I'm hoping he will be there this year!!!  For more information about the ACM's and the Fan Jam, click HERE!

Casey was a guest on the Bob Kingsley's CT 40 a couple weeks ago and I think there was suppose to be a longer interview, but all I can find right now is this small clip just before Casey started playing "Polk Salad Annie"And this photo of him and Bob.  Click the link above to hear it!

Ok, I just HAVE to post this video....because he rarely plays this song at any shows!  But the folks in Bloomington, Illinois got the very best of the blues from Casey that night!!   Here he is now with.....

"Need Your Love So Bad"
Thanks to CaseyJamesWeekly for this beautiful video!

Mmm Mmm just don't get any better than that right there!!!!   Lawd' have mercy....woo hoo.....gotta love them Blues!!!  And Casey plays the blues better than anyone I've ever heard...anyone....ever!!  I always have a case of the *chicken skin* or *goose bumps* if ya will....cuz the blues just gets down into the love love it!!!!!!  Ok, fan girl session over....back to being a regualar gal.  ;)

Ok, on to other things.... If you were at the Billy Bob's show and VIP, we've finally gotten the link to all those pictures of everyone.  Click HERE to scroll through and find and save yours!  :)

Here are a couple of good pics from I-20 Tavern & Music Hall 
Love the look on Casey's face....haha!

Thanks to fotosniper for these 2 nice shots!!

If you haven't been fortunate enough to get yourself to a Live show from Casey James and his awesome band....then click the Upcoming Concerts tab here or at the top of the page and see if you can get to a show near you!!!   I also have the concerts listed on the left sidebar of this page as well.  I will try to keep them updated as much as I can.

Wow, here are some nice pictures from the Exit/In Nashville , from 2/7/13.  Radio station WSIX posted these on their website....Thanks!!

Casey was in Studio with Big D and Bubba and here's what happened..... Click HERE.  Awesome videos!!  (love those guys...)

And wouldn't you just know, Cyndee has thought of exactly what I should have thought of....writing down the words to one of the new songs and taking it with you to a show, getting not only him to read over it and correct the wrong words the fans came up with, but also one of the writers of the song, Jayce Hein!!   But the fans did very well, as there were very few mistakes on this song.... "A Womans Touch".   Thanks Cyndee for thinking of this, maybe a few of us will use that in the future!!  :)  Oh, and both of them signed it!!  :)

And last but certainly not least....just found out that Justin Pate (far right) is leaving Casey's band!  :(  He is going on tour with Ben Folds for 3 months.  But he said he would be back doing gigs with Casey as he could.  So it sounds like he'll be back....for good some day...?   I sure hope so, he is an excellent Keyboardist!!  He is also an awesome backup singer!!  And just a good guy!  I've talked with him a couple times and he's always so sweet!  Good luck to him and hoping that he makes his way back to Casey very soon!!  We love you Justin!!!  Safe travels!!

Ok, yall....I gotta get out of here for's time to cook some biscuits and gravy!!  I will be back soon!!

Until then.....



  1. Loooove this post. Thanks G for all you do

  2. Your welcome!! So glad to have some comments /feedback!! Lets me know I'm doing something right!! :)

  3. Thank you, Glenda for giving the Casey fans a chance to see what's happening!!! I always look forward to your posts!!!

    Barbara - 70 Mach1