Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BIG NEWS!!! Casey James opening for Taylor Swift's "RED" Tour!!!! And new single announced!!!

OMG!!!!  I am so excited, I can't hardly breathe!!!!!!  Casey is going on tour with Taylor Swift!!  What a wonderful opportunity to catapult his career!!!!!  Big THANKS to Taylor Swift!!!!  My first 2 guesses as to the big news was, announcement of new single and going on tour with a big name!!  This is better than I could've ever dreamed for him!!!
Casey, along with Florida/Georgia Line, Brett Eldridge, Joel Crouse and Austin Mahone will all be taking turns opening for the Superstar!!  I have Casey's part of her tour below.  Check to see if they are coming to a town near you, and get your tickets!!  Looks like I might be going to the Tulsa show if I can get tickets!!   Check out Casey's Official Page or Taylor's Event Page for further info about tickets to upcoming shows on this tour!!

8/6 – Wichita, Kansas: Casey James
8/7 – Tulsa, Oklahoma: Casey James
8/10 – Chicago, Illinois: Austin Mahone and Casey James
8/15 – San Diego, California: Casey James
8/19 & 20 – Los Angeles, California: Casey James
8/23 & 24 – Los Angeles, California: Casey James
8/27 – Sacramento, California: Casey James
8/30 – Portland, Oregon: Casey James
8/31 – Tacoma, Washington: Casey James
9/6 – Fargo, North Dakota: Casey James
9/7 & 8 – St. Paul, Minnesota: Casey James
9/12 – Greensboro, North Carolina: Casey James
9/13 – Raleigh, North Carolina: Casey James
9/14 – Charlottesville, Virginia: Casey James
9/19, 20 & 21 – Nashville, Tennessee: Casey James

Ok....from what I'm gathering....there are only 4 shows on that tour that is NOT sold out....I know....but not all is lost though, because if you hurry, you can still score tickets for the 9-6 Fargo ND show, the 9-12 Greensboro NC show, and 2 of the Nashville shows at the Bridgestone Arena on 9-19 and 9-20.
Looks like I'll be going to Nashville later this year!!

Ok, thats not all the BIG NEWS yet.....there's more..... yesterday evening, the news broke from CRS, which is going on in Nashville this week, that Casey's next single is......wait for it......

"THE GOOD LIFE"!!!!!!!!"  That was a very good choice for the next single, although I fully expected them to release "Drive".  Seemed things were pointing that direction anyway.  But I am totally excited that it's this one!!  This song is just a happy, feel good song, about anybody who is ecstatic to just be alive, and enjoying their life to the fullest!!  There needs to be more songs like this!!  I think it is going to go far....hopefully all the way to #1, with the help of the newest tour announcement!
Looks like things are 'no doubt' putting Casey 'right where he belongs'!!  And I'm betting that 'none of it feels wrong'!!!  Haha!!  Just a little lyric humor there....  :)  So big Congrats going out to Casey for this huge accomplishment!!!  I know his momma, Debra and brother, BC are about over the moon with excitement!!  And I bet Paw Paw is looking down from heaven with a huge smile across his face for his grandson!  :)

So yall get geared up and find a concert near you soon, cuz it's fixing to all break lose for him and things are gonna start moving fast!!!  Congrats once again to Casey James and his family for all their great news!!  God is surely blessing this family!!  And it is so deserved!  :)


  1. So thrilled for Casey! This is a great opportunity for him to connect with more fans. As you know, once you see him "live", you're HOOKED!

  2. Ain't that the truth Aunt Sherry!?!? I almost screamed out loud when I heard this!!! Some people who don't like Taylor didn't see the big picture like a lot of us did!! The way I look at it, there's gonna be all these 'mommys' who are gonna bring their 'tween' girls to see Taylor, and who are they gonna love??? Yes.....CASEY!!! It's amazing....I'm so thrilled for him!!!! This is gonna catapult his career and I think "The Good Life" could very well be his first #1!!!! Cuz I'm hoping a lot of the older teenage and young women at the Taylor concert will also love Casey too!! I've seen a rise in the younger fans coming on board with Casey, and I think it's just gonna get better and better!! Congratulations to your family for his rise in popularity and the success he is going to reap from this tour!! And I noticed he has more shows with her than ANY of the rest....except the Ed guy. He's gonna be on every show. He's actually the 1st opener, and Casey is second, which is great, becuase there will be more people in the venue to see Casey!!!