Saturday, February 9, 2013

Clearing up a misunderstanding that happened at Billy Bobs.

Below, you will find a note sent to me by Debra James, Casey's mother.  She will explained the whole situation, as seen through her eyes.  The reason this is being posted is because some of us thought one thing, when it was actually something else.  So I was wrong about the reason the person was removed from Billy Bob's and for that I apologize.  To the person who commented, here is your answer.....this is what really happened:

Dear Glenda,

You know that I always read and enjoy Caseymania. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and selfless support of Casey. I appreciate it so much. I read the entry about the Billy Bob's show & I was a bit unsettled reading the comments. Normally, I would not draw attention to any negative event but there is obviously a misunderstanding.

Let me clarify that no one at Billy Bobs was asked to leave the concert for talking during Casey's songs. The same woman's voice you hear yelling during some of Casey's videos, attempted a barroom brawl by the woman's restroom after the concert. Unfortunately she was angry over a misperception, caused a scene and threatened bodily harm to a friend of mine. She was obviously inebriated so I stepped in front of her to calm her down and protect my friend. She was pushing me & screaming obscenities at my sweet friend when Security saw her. THAT is when she was made to leave.
All in all I believe Casey's fans are wonderful people and this certainly doesn't change my opinion. Alcohol just doesn't settle well with some people. Thank goodness, this type of occurrence rarely happens. Casey welcomes anyone to his concerts, and you'll see his audience holds toddlers to great grandmothers. It's inspiring!

Thanks for letting me set things straight. Keep up the good work!
Go Caseymania!!!


Debra James


  1. Thanks for posting this Glenda. I don't have much idea what happened but I've seen some Twitter posts and the woman even left a comment on Casey's FB if I remember it right. These things happen, and people being rowdy in concerts or bars is not very uncommon. Cool of Debra for taking time in clearing it up.

  2. Thank you...yes, everybody, even me, thought she was kicked out because of the ruccous in front of the stage......but with Debra coming forward and explaining what happened, it cleared up the misconception.