Monday, November 26, 2012

First leg of the Casey James Taste of Country Christmas Tour

I'm so sorry this is so late....but I was having internet issues!!  I think everything is ok now... we'll see!!  Wow....where to begin..... I had a *blast* at all 3 shows!!!  I hadn't seen them perform in 5 1/2 months, so I was very far behind!
On Thursday Nov. 15th I met my friend Beth (birthday girl) at the DFW airport where I parked my vehicle and we got a rental car.  We were both ready for this awesome 3 day adventure!!  We both had our VIP tickets for all 3 shows and we took off headed for Abilene, Tx. for the first show!

I think we got to Abilene about 3 or 4 pm and we had to be at the venue for the VIP experience by 6 pm.  So no time for a nap, which we were hoping for.  We just cleaned up and got ready for the show.  The VIP was pure bliss....absolutely everything you could ask for, except....they wouldn't let us take pictures or do any recording of any kind.  I didn't care I got to sit about 6 feet from Casey as he and his sweet momma, Debra sang so beautifully together!!  They couldn't think of anything to sing at first, and I started to make a request, but thought I may not suppose to do that, so I didn't.  He didn't ask for requests, so I kept quiet.  They ended up singing "Sea of Heartbreak", an old Don Gibson song and 2 more I cannot remember to save my life right now....but all I know is they were all good songs.  Then some questions were asked by a few people, including me.  I asked Casey if it was true that he knew the song by Tonic called "If you could only see".  He quickly answered that Yes, in fact he did know and do that song.  He then said, "that would have been a good one, why didn't you say something?"  My answer was...."duh....I don't know".........what???   who says that to Casey James when he's asking you a question???  I think I also said, "I didn't know if I was suppose to or not....duh....duh....duh.....such a dummy.... lol!!  Anyway, he then said, "I'll do that one tomorrow..."  I don't know what I said after that, Casey just made my month, my year.....totally!!!  I guess I need to explain my obsession with the Tonic song.  The night my 20 yr. old son passed away, he and his friend, Danny were singing every word to  this song on the radio, they loved the song........then he got on a motorcycle and about 5 minutes later, he lost his life.................... so.............. this song means the world to me, because it's the last song he sang on this earth.  I didn't want to tell Casey this, but I did tell Debra.  So I have a good clear memory of him playing and singing that song for me, the next day,  and him not knowing what he was doing for me.  It just was one of the sweetest things ever!  I did make it out of the room before losing it.  It was so amazing to me, and I cried half my make up off.  :)  But it's ok, I got my song....many thanks to Casey for making a dream come true for me.  :)

The band opening for Casey was J.B. and the Moonshine band.  They were pretty good, but I didn't waste any of my battery on them, I was there to see Casey.  I'm sorry if that sounded mean, it wasn't meant that way.  I just know my battery will barely last for Casey's show, so I didn't want to use any of it on other bands.
Now it's time for Casey and the awesome band!!!  We were all very excited!!!  There were new fans there getting to see Casey perform for the first time!!!  They were in say the least!!!  Casey started out with "The Good Life", then "Bulletproof", (one of my favs!!) and I'm not sure about the rest of the order....but I got a few pictures and videos.  Here are some of them from the Alilene show.

I love this one of Dino....he's into his music!

The Good Life

I couldn't embed these next videos, so just click the links...
It's "Bulletproof "
Bulletproof from Abilene


Drive from Abilene

"Crying on a Suitcase"

On this video toward the end, you'll hear a lot of stuff going on, so listen'll hear me say...."You can't get up out Casey!!!"  LoL!!!  This girl had put her hands on mine and Beth's shoulders and threw her cowboy booted leg up on the stage and catapulted herself up onto the stage and proceeded to walk up to Casey.....Well, I was trying to warn him in case she was gonna run up and kiss him or stab him....I didn't know who she was.  But as it turns out, she was just an anxious fan who wanted a picture with Casey, and you can hear Debra talking to her, because I think the girl started crying so Debra was consoling  her.  But after everything is said and was a good laugh!!

Crying on a Suitcase in Abilene

Ya know, I've been up all night working on's now 4:17 am and I'm so tired.  I will get back on here and work some more on it tomorrow.  Maybe I'll just do a city a day....tomorrow will be Wichita Falls.  A lot of my Abilene videos were not uploaded yet, or any of the rest of them, as a matter of fact.  I've only got a few loaded, but I will get yall some more goodies tomorrow!! A great big thanks to luvcaseyjames for the great videos shared with us here.

Until then.....


  1. Great recap Glenda! It really was such a whirlwind and fantastic time! Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. Great recap Glenda.. so glad you got that experience. When you mentioned the song you requested for Casey to sing. I could remember him covering that song before. I found it from Kodiak Jack's I thought you might like to have it here....

  3. I know you couldn't videotape at the VIP M&G so I checked out this song on Youtube. I would love to hear Casey sing it!! I'll bet it was wonderful.

  4. Oh girls....Gail you have heard you know....Cyndee...I cannot tell you how beautiful it was!!! I swear, I couldn't hardly hold back the was a moment I'll never ever forget. I'm going to give him a card for Christmas, and I'm gonna leave him a little note inside to tell him how much it meant to me. Amazing....just amazing!!