Monday, December 10, 2012

Casey James at ACA', videos and other news.

Tonight Casey James will be in the audience of the American Country Awards (ACA) show live from Las Vegas...awaiting the news from his first nomination.   The video for the single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night",  is nominated in the category of, 'Best Video for a New Artist'.  Everyone is so excited for Casey, and hoping this will be his first of many wins!!  He has some very tough competition though, with Grammy winner Hunter Hayes at the top of the list.  Even if Casey doesn't win, we can all be grateful that he at least got the nomination!  He's being noticed!!  And that is the main thing!  Anyway, some of the veteran CJCC (on Facebook) members and some new fans are getting together for a 'watch party', like when he was on Idol.  And Jan has asked everyone to show support for Casey by changing your Facebook photo to your all time favorite of Casey....or Casey and you....just whatever is your favorite!  So if you would like to chat with others while watching the show, click on this link..... ACA Watch Party 
It comes on Monday night (tonight) at 8/7 central time on your local FOX network!  :)  So don't miss it!!

I have a few videos from my shows a couple weeks ago, that I never got to finish telling yall about.  It's been so long now....I've already forgotten all the small details...but I do remember that I got caught videoing at Lawton, Ok.  lol....  So I think I got 1 or 2 videos but not many.  But I got a lot of them at Wichita Falls.  And WF is where Casey and Debra sang the song  by Tonic, "If you could only see".  I Love that song!!  And I was so excited when they sang it for me!

  She's $Money$
In Wichita Falls Tx

Polk 'Salid' Annie
(parital) in Abilene Tx

Bulletproof-(partial) Wichita Falls, Tx.

Drive  Wichita Falls, Tx.

 The Good Life-Lawton Ok

Apartment Song-Wichita Falls

So High-Wichita Falls

So Sweet-Lawton

Love the way you miss me Abilene, Tx

Crying on a Suitcase-Abilene Tx

Working on It  Wichita Falls, Tx.

Thanks also to luvcaseyjames for some of her videos!

I tried to get pics of the whole band, but it was difficult to ever get David or Blaine.  Just wanted yall to know I didn't leave them out on purpose! :)

Recently, Casey James and his band participated in the 'No Shave November', for the kids of St. Jude Research Hospital, and they raised a total of    $13,528.98!!    Casey was named as St. Jude's MVB (Most Valuable Beard) for the fundraiser!  What an honor that was!!  Click the link above to read the whole story!  :)
Another thing happened that was quite noteworthy at the end of No Shave November..... it just so happened Casey was in Shreveport, La. for a show and 'a guy he works for' called up Casey and said...."I'm sick of the beard, I'd be willing to donate a chunk of money if you will shave the beard on stage tonight"..... watch the video below to see what happened!!  Hahaha..... :D

Big Thanks to mykisscountry937 for sharing their video!


I have updated the Concert Schedule and as far as I know, I have all of the shows on it.  I will try to update as often as possible for yall!

Here is a recent picture of the sweet Maddie, that Casey gave his momma for her birthday......have you ever seen anything sweeter.....?   She's hugging Casey's leg.... so precious....

The other day, Casey's single broke into the Top 20 on debuted at #19!!  So yall know what to do.... lets vote all we can to keep it in the countdown!
And while we're at it, lets keep it on GAC Top 20 and CMT Pure 12 Pack.  It takes all of us to keep Casey's music flowing!!

Ok, don't forget...... Tonight is the night!!  Casey is a presenter on the ACA show tonight, as well as a nominee!!!!  It airs at 8/7 central time on the FOX network.  So don't be late!!!!

Ok, yall.....I'm out of here for now.....I will be back as soon as possible, and hopefully no more problems with my internet!!

Later taters.......

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  1. Love your Posts always look forward to them!! I am so happy for Casey and all his recent successes, he deserves it