Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Casey James supports St. Jude's, new shows, pics, videos and more...

It's amazing to me that November is nearly half over....already!!  The holidays are coming on fast!  And that means it's time to resurrect all those decorations, (if ya hadn't and get ready for the 2012 Holiday season.  And here at Caseymania, we begin the process of gathering our names for the Christmas Card Exchange!  If you've done this since the beginning, 2010 to be exact, you know this is a load of fun!  It was stressful in the beginning and last year I had help doing it, but this year I took a suggestion from my friend, Cyndee.  We have started an EVENT on Facebook, and all you need to do is go to the page (click the link above) and click on "GOING" and leave me message with your address on it.  You will then be added to the list.  If you are not on Facebook, you can send me an email to   So far we have about 32 or 33 who have committed, so the price of the postage with that many would be around $13.00 - $14.00.  Of course I want each of you to be unique with your cards, and make it truly shine with your personality!  In the past a lot of us have gathered our pictures of Casey and ourselves, and made Christmas Cards from our favorites.  There are several sites that help you to create your own cards.  Snapfish is one that I like to use.  Others are Walgreens Photo and Wal Mart Photo, you can make your own there as well.  Or, if you choose to make yours by hand, to put a real personal touch to them, you can do that too!  Or if you just like normal, regular Christmas Cards, then send them too!  :)  Thats the beauty of the CCE, there are no real rules as to how you do your Christmas Cards to send out.  You can do it your way.  :)

Ok, let me see how much stuff I can talk about....

First of all, Casey and the guys are supporting St. Judes Childrens Research and Hospital this year, and have started a Team effort to raise $10,000 for the charity.  They are doing so by joining in on 'No Shave November' to raise as much as they can, and they won't shave the whole month!  We can help them reach their goal!  If you would like to make a donation in Casey's name you can do so by going HERE and signing up.  Or if you are already signed up, you can just go donate at any time you like this month.  Here is a picture of the guys in the beginning of the No Shave period.   Hmmmm....did Casey get a head start?!  LoL!!  Like he said in an interview...."I just shaved this morning!"  Hahaha!!

Casey had a very cute interview with Lea, a DJ for a syndicated show.  She pulled some stuff out of him, I hadn't heard....a snake handler....really??  Haha!!  Watch this.....

Casey's interview with Lia

There are a couple new shows that popped up.  One is in San Antonio, Texas at Cowboy's Dancehall, on the 11th of December.  It's KJ's Star Party, and they have the best new stars of 2012 for it!   On the bill will be Casey James, Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch, Janna Kramer and  Kip Moore.
Also Casey and the guys have a new show coming up in Manhattan, Kansas at the Country Stampede!  Casey has been added to the growing list of stars that are going to grace the stages there on June 27th - 30th 2013!  Casey's set will be on Saturday, the 29th at 5:30 pm.

We have some really nice pictures from the Des Moines show from last weekend!  Our friend Donna took pictures and managed to get a little video before getting *busted!*  Some of those arenas don't allow videoing, so we have to learn to do some hiding tricks. :)  and sometimes we still get caught...I did too, so don't feel bad miss Donna... :)  The things we do to get our Casey footage....

I love the new T-Shirt at Casey's Merchandise table and site.  It's a rundown of all his shows for the last few months. 

Here are some of Donna's wonderful shots from last weekend!  She always has some awesome ones!!  Thanks a lot girl!!!

I just love the fun Casey and all his precious band members have on stage!!  They were a group just meant to happen....I believe that with my whole heart....they were put together by the  powers that be.  :)

Here's the videos she managed to get.

And I LOVE the intro he does on this one.....whoooo hooooo

And here's "Crying on a Suitcase"

Casey is on the November 19th issue of Country Weekly, and I haven't gotten my issue yet  so not sure what is said in it, but it's the one with Alan Jackson on the cover!

Ok, that's about it for me, for now.... yall remember to keep voting for the video and requesting "Crying on a Suitcase".  Also, go to  Supporting Casey and you'll find all the ongoing voting and requesting information with one-click ease!!

Yall take care....I'm going on my first roadtrip in a see Casey and the boys this weekend!!  I'll be back with goodies, that is, if nothing goes wrong!  See yall soon!!! 


  1. Agree with you on that "Drive" intro...killer! Be careful this weekend and tell Casey hello from his favorite Aunt..ha

    1. I will certainly do that Aunt Sherry!! I usually ramble and don't even remember what I say to him. But I will make it a point!! :)

    2. I think that's called "star struck" - ha

  2. Thanks for including my pics and video from the DES moines show last Thursday! Also I totally understand rambling when speaking to Casey! It is hard not to when he looks at you! Lol he is such a gentleman and a gift from God to the music industry!

  3. FYI the new blog post isn't letting me share it on facebook or twitter? Idk why?

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