Monday, July 9, 2012

Casey James hits Top from shows last weekend, plus much more... read that right!!  I read the Mediabase report and was so very excited!!!  So that means he has moved up 3 spots since last week!!  Now we have to remember to call every day to your local radio station and request it!  Day shift is better, but anytime is fine!  Just whenever you can get a DJ on the other end, tell them you would love to hear the new song from Casey James.....COAS.  If they say they don't have it, ask when they will, and then ask if they have "Let's Don't Call It A Night" and if so can they play that one!!  Just getting his voice on that radio is the end result your looking for!!  :)  Just keep up the good work, we are a seriously dedicated bunch, that doesn't sway easily, and we've proved that over and over again!  Let's keep our eye on the prize, which is helping see that Casey gets his 1st Top 10 hit!!  :D

Casey and the band were doing some serious traveling over the weekend.  They started off with the Myrtle Beach show, then on to Columus Ohio, then to Prospect, Pa.  And they did it all in this shiny little beauty!!!

This was from the Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio!  Thanks to Rhonda N.

Hahaha!!  Can you say "Having too much fun"!!!
Blaine is suppose to be in this picture, he must of left before I could post!!

Here are a few more from Prospect, PA. and Columbus, Ohio  Thanks to 
Laura P. for generously sharing her pics!

Yall know that Casey has the uncanny ability to surprise us over and over again.....well, this weekend he dealt out a doozy!  It's been some time since he has played the song "Blue Sky".....and this time he chose to do it as an encore, by himself....just him and his white Strat.....this, is breathtaking.  I challenge you to not feel a tear come to your eye or get chills from the raw emotion he delivers with this performance!  This is good....this is very good.....

Big Thanks to lgv54 for sharing this beautiful video.
BLUE SKY everybody ok?  I tell ya what.....he NEVER ceases to AMAZE  me!!!!

And I ran across this and thought.....this is a great idea......a montage of Caseyness.... from Prospect, PA.  It's a bit hard on the bass, but still it's a great video.  You will hear partials of  "She's Money".... "Let's don't call it a Night" .... and "Working On It".  Big thanks to psu2010amo for posting this on YouTube!

Wow, lots of good stuff going on last weekend.  And I have a couple more things from the weekend.  Country music radio station Y108 had Casey in the Studio and they had a really serious moment and then a very funny moment.  They are both awesome!!  Just click the link and read, then scroll down a little and you'll see the recorded piece.  Just click on that.  I'll post both of them below..... Enjoy!!

Casey James heartbroken after motorcycle crash

Mysterious Creature Chases Casey James

I'm still laughing at the last one!!  I'll never be able to look at a "Chalupa" the same way again!!!  Hahahaha!!!  :D

Casey has a new show that just popped up a little while ago.  This one is in Gettysburg, Pa. on September 9th at 6:30 PM ET at the York Fair Radio Stage.  WGTY 107.7 Radio is the sponsor on this one.  I can't see how to purchase tickets on the page yet, but I'm sure they'll post it.  Anyway, HERE is the link, to check out all the lineup at the York Fair.

Ok, folks, I think I'm outta here.....I'm gonna go set outside and enjoy this cloudy weather thats just about to pour rain from the heavens....

Until next time....


  1. Good wrap up for a very busy week! Thanks!

  2. Casey really poured his heart into Blue Sky this time. Best I've ever heard!! Also, so happy that COAS is in the top 40 now. Genilu

  3. Thanks for posting the "chalupa" story. I laughed outloud! Sounds like Casey & the djs were having a blast.

  4. Thanks ladies!! This was a fun post!! I had a good time writing it!! Haha.... I'm still giggling about the chalupa!

  5. Finally getting around to reading Caseymania and I'm so happy you posted my photos! It was great to experience both the Bluestone and Big Butler Fair concerts - they were so excellent!! My summer is complete!

    Love all the radio interviews Casey is doing - he's such a natural. This ride just keeps getting better and I love your coverage of it Glenda - thank you!

  6. Laura...your welcome and thank you for sharing such nice photos!! I'm so glad you like the way it's written up. Sometimes it takes me a little bit to put it in the words I want, lots of going back and changing this and that. But I appreciate you....thanks!! :)

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