Monday, July 2, 2012

Casey James honored by McPherson, new show and much more!!

Hey everybody!!  Hope  summer is exciting and fun so far!!  At least Texas is not as hot as it was last year.....not YET anyway!!  LoL!!
Casey is crisscrossing the U.S. so much, he probably can't keep up with the weather or even where he is from day to day, till he gets there!!!  He is one busy guy!!  And with "Crying on a Suitcase" taking off now, it's only gonna get busier!  It was up to #43 with a bullet over the weekend, so thats looking really good right now.  It will obviously break in to the Top 40 this week, and if you'd like to listen in, Bob Kingsley has a fantastic show on Sundays that airs at different times and different radio stations.  On his page you'll find a link to find the nearest station to you that is carrying the syndicated show.  Click HERE to go to his page.

First up, there is a  new show that has been added recently.   Casey is the opening act in  Mount Olive, North Carolina  for their 2012 Fall Fest, taking place on October 12th at Mount Olive College!!  Headlining this show is the band, Gloriana.  To find out more about it, check out their Facebook Page HERE.

To the right, you'll see a recent picture tweeted by Blaine of he and Dino at the June 29th show at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!  Don't they look like they're having the time of their lives???  And don't you just love those huge instruments behind them!!  LoL!!!  I do!!  :D

Spotlight Country's Jill Wilderman catches us up on the country music scene and this week, she talks about Casey!!  Check out the video below and see what she has to say about Casey!  :)

Thanks to McPherson Guitar's  for honoring Casey as their featured artist of the month!!   This video is just so nice and it shows Casey in a very relaxed state, giving kudos to the McPherson Guitars and talking about himself as a musician!!! And of course, theres some playing and singing!  :)  Check it out..... it's awesome!!!

When I read this next heading, Casey James Freaks while seeing a UFO.......I this the OTHER Casey James???   I read on, not knowing what to expect.....  But as I read, I totally realized it was about our Casey!!  :)  I absolutely believe in this stuff, so reading and listening to his story just gave me cold chills!!!   Click the link above to read the story and look right below where the story ends and you will see a little speaker, and an arrow, click there and listen to the conversation about's hilarious!!!  :D

Here's a couple of shots from the recent show at Bonefish grill for 97.3 K Country!  It was an acoustic set with Blaine.

Well, thanks for stopping by yall....take care in this heat, and everybody have a very safe and fun

Independence day celebration!!    :)  :D

Until next time.....


  1. Kathy from AL (@Krainia)July 2, 2012 at 5:51 PM

    So nice :)

  2. Many thanks, Glena! Bless you <3

  3. Loved the interview about the Mcpherson guitars - Casey sure knows his stuff about guitars! Kind of spooky with the UFO story! :)