Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"This Song Just Screams Video!"

Word on the Twitter Street came out a few days ago that the filming of Casey's video for "Crying On A Suitcase" was scheduled for Tuesday, July 17. How did we figure that out, you're probably wondering? Detective work, my friends. And a little bit of luck that included a random post from the very pretty woman who is co-starring in the video with Casey!

Leah Harmon @Leah_Eliz tweeted, "woo @CaseyEJames! Excited to shoot the music video for this climbing song with #TKMcKamy and @TaillightTV on Tuesday!" It turns out that TK McKamy is the director of the video and that he's directed such goodies as Glorianna's, "I Kissed You," which also tells a good story! See it here:

The production company in charge of the video is Taillight TV. "Taillight is a full service production company based in Nashville that develops music videos, tv programming and events, commercials, and viral content," they say in their Twitter description.  The company contracts several directors including Mr. McKamy.

After reading Leah's enthusiastic post, a couple fans did a quick Twitter message follow up!  @CoolCJfan sent a note to the director and production company, "I'm so excited about this!! This song just screams video! :) Can't wait to see it!!"  Taillight TV answered her with, "We can't wait for you to see it either!"   Then @Mich_in_Colo sent the director a note. "Maybe @TKMcKamy will give @CaseyEJames fans a little teaser from the set of the COAS video shoot tomorrow??!!??!!??!! Just sayin' .... :-D .." and he answered her with, "You're kinda awesome. We'll see what we can do! .  :)"

I'm putting my money on Awesome Mich in Colorado, with a little help from her friends to pull that off!! @rockendog sent a note to @Leah_Eliz: "Fans R so excited about the making of @CaseyEJames video Crying on a Suitcase; we'd love to see a lil teaser if that's possible, thanx," to which Leah replied, "Look for a few behind the scenes pics tmrw! (Tuesday)

On Tuesday, Taillight tweeted, "Walking on the set like it's game day. Love this ..." and posted a composite behind the scenes picture of Casey and company.  And then Leah said, "Another day at the office with @tkmckamy and @caseyejames, making some video magic."  She followed up with an outdoors picture where she explained, "Sometimes we have to build fake rooms on front lawns."  Wouldn't you all just love to be there to watch the progress?!

You can well imagine that fans are enthusiastically watching the progression of messages!  @PJWood67 asks the question many are thinking!  @Leah_Eliz "Thanks for sharing pics from @CaseyEJames' #cryingonasuitcasevideo." (That's hash-tag Twitter speech for those of you who don't Tweet :) "Just need to know, does he make it to the airport on time? ;)"

In the meantime, Casey has been growing a much talked about full and dark beard which, in a radio interview last week in Fort Wayne,  he made clear is for the storyline of the video. With filming in progress, it just may be disappearing soon as he indicated in the interview that a clean shaven guy would be heading for the airport in hopes of catching the woman he let get away.

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    1. Comment was deleted that apologized that there were no pictures! It seemed quite unnecessary after Glenda walked me through it. I have to say, it's pretty easy when you know which button to push. :-) CH

  2. Thanks so much for the insight.... im a Casey fan, have been from day 1, in Den... Im soooo happy for him that he is given the chance to show what he is all about, I love his music and Im hopeing for some of those awesome blues the way he does it.... once agin.. thanks for this article...

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks so very much for doing this for me Cyn!! You did a fantastic job!! Just keep posting when you want, and if you want, and ill let ya know when my service is back up to par. :)

  4. We're ALL excited about the new video and can't wait to see it!

  5. Great job Cyndee! Love the write up!

  6. Can't wait to see it! Thank you Cyndee, good job!