Friday, June 22, 2012

A few articles, reviews, pictures and mentions of the talented Casey James!!

There was a great article I read the other day, and I just felt it fitting to put it here.  I'm gonna try to put more articles out, so yall can see how the media and others are responding to Casey James and his music.  They are responding well, very well!!
The first one is from "The Commercial Appeal", a Memphis, Tn. entertainment type website, and the writer is Mark Jordan.  I just love the way the piece came together.  You can read it through, just click the link below....

Casey James trod hard path to arrive at Snowden Grove

There's a short, but  nice little review from radio station WYRK staffers with some good pictures from the recent Taste of Country 2012

As most of you know the CMT Music Awards Show took place on Wednesday, June 6th, the night before CMA Fest launched on Thursday, the 7th.  Casey was set to do a short snippet of a song as they were going to commercial, and he did, and it's the next single....."Crying on a Suitcase!!"  Some of our photograher type fans were there live and in got at least 1 picture that was clear!!  :)
Then below you'll find Casey as he walked the Red Carpet, and looked oh so dapper in his deep maroon jacket lavender shirt and black denim jeans. 

Thanks Cyndee!!

If you would like to see some of the others who were in attendance that night, click HERE
Oh, another thing..... Casey was chosen as one of the best dressed on the red carpet!!  And I totally agree, he looked very good!!!

This is a cute, and very informative little friendly rivalry between 2 of the largest cities  in Texas,  Dallas and Houston.  And what makes it even more interesting, is Casey James is mentioned!!  Read HERE to see all the bragging rights of both cities and which has the best and most!!  :)

Country Music Rocks did a very nice interview with Casey while at the CMA fest, and he told them that "he loves everything about Country Music".   Read more HERE.

"The Boot" reports that Casey James says....."Tour dates are a dream come true"..... "It's been non-stop, it's been great!"  Read all about it HERE.

Oh, and before I go, just wanted to point out that I have updated the UPCOMING SHOWS on the left sidebar.  All the shows that I know of are there.  So feel free to use this page to find an upcoming show that you yourself can get to!!  :-)

Ok, yall, thats about it for now.....I'll be back soon.....



  1. Casey looked so handsome all dressed up like that at the CMT music awards! But, he looks good all of the time. I'm so excited about his new single "Crying on a Suitcase" and it seems to be off to a great start! :)

  2. He'd look good in a flour sack - ha! Still hoping some day he'll take advantage of his drop-dead gorgeous looks. But I might as well be spitting in the wind; he just wants it to be about his music.

  3. Thanks Glenda for updating all the Casey news. I am so excited for him--everything is going great. Love him Genilu

  4. Your welcome and Thanks yall!! Aunt Sherry, I had to LOL when you said he'd look good in flour sack....cuz at that moment I visualized him in one and he still looked good!! Hahahaha!! I don't think I've ever seen a Bad picture of him, but I've seen weird ones. I won't post them cuz it looks like he's snarling or making a face, and I don't want to represent him that way. I figure he wouldn't appreciate a weird pic of him out there. lol!!