Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 3 of CMA fest and the release of Casey's 2nd single

Before I get on to the recap, I wanted to point out that tomorrow is the release date for Casey's next single, "Crying on a Suitcase". Sony had this Press Release about it, so please purchase it as many times as you can afford and gift them to people.  I will get the sidebar updated so you can just click there and buy the single!  Here we go, the 2nd single coming out, lets all get behind this single like we did  with "Let's Don't Call It A Night" and help Casey get his first #1!!  Remember to call and try to get through to your local radio stations and request it for him and use the Mediabase Forms to request as well.  You can find those forms at the top of the page beneath the picture under the word "Support"  Thanks yall.....  :)

Well, it's Saturday and the last day we saw Casey, he was done after this.   But this was gonna prove to be more than I could handle.  We got up at 6am to get ready to wait in line for the Riverfront Gates to open.  We wanted to get a good place as far up front as possible.  But somehow others had some special privileges I didn't know about, so many people scurried in before us!!  So we got about to the 3rd concrete setting places and parked ourselves there!  It was a whole bunch of fun, hanging out with the Casey sisters and brothers again!  The sun was beating down pretty hard on us by the time he came on at 12:30pm and I was having to put sun screen on a couple times.  But we were all so excited, it was time for Casey!!  Here are some pictures, thanks to Cyndee our favorite photographer!!  A couple belong to Delores F. as well...thanks girls!

Casey and Dino 

Some of the Fans

                                                  What a mischievous 

Take that....Brad Paisley!!  LoL!!!!

Look what I found....Robyn, Me and Anthea....I think we might be having fun...ya think?? lol

Peace and love till next time!!  :)

Haha!!  I love to caption pictures, hope yall don't mind....I just couldn't resist!!

So Casey is finished and leaving the stage and we are all getting ourselves packed up and leaving to go to the next thing, which was the Fan Party at Big Shotz, the same place we had it last year.  So we just all walk in the shade, finally, to the bar, only a couple of blocks away.  We were told that Casey's manager knew about this gathering but couldn't confirm that he could make it.  But when we got there, people were lining up and I thought, did he make it here??  Well, no...he didn't but something good was there....Casey's Merchandise, and lots of it!!  Everybody was on that stuff like a bee on a flower!!  I got a Casey handbag, and a coozy!!  And of course, they were in Casey's favorite color, Blue!!  So we all get together for a group picture and it came out like this.... I LOVE IT!!!!!  Everybody looks so awesome!!!

Thanks to Rhonda for this awesome shot!

I don't know every single person's name so I will just say that this is part of Casey's strong Fan Base!!

Then it was time for the Fan Social and the doors opened at 2:00pm, but by this time I was famished and so was Laura, and was very tired, from being in the sun so long.  So some went on to the Fan Social and some didn't.  I can't seem to find out anything about it.  I can't even find any pictures.  So it might have been a closed type of socializing with the artists.  But here is a link to explain how it all worked, and what some might have experienced while there.

The Fan Social

Laura and I ate dinner with our friends and then it was time to go to the room for some much needed rest.....remember I'm not a morning 6 came early for me!  The plan was to go get some rest and get up and go to Margaritaville's for a late night show from Casey!!  We were all about doing that, but we fell asleep....and missed the whole thing.  I really wanted to see that show too!!  But I was much too exhausted and so was Laura.  Hopefully we can do more next year!!
But.....I did find some goodies from that live show, and they said Casey was ON FIRE!!!!!!  Look below!!!

Thanks Rhonda, for these 2 awesome shots above!!

Polk Salad Annie
Thanks Carman!

I'm looking for more videos, but everybody must have been very whipped by this time of night!!  Casey even looked exhausted!!  But he seems to put on the best shows when he's tired out of his mind!!  I will look around for more videos but there may not be any, since this was the last performance.....but boy what a performance it was!!!!  I love all the changes he keeps doing to this song!!!  He's just amazing, and keeps getting better and better!!  :)

Ok, yall, thats all of what went on with Casey in Nashville, for 3 days, and it was the end of my running around for at least a day....well nearly.  I stayed in bed all day Sunday, and got up to go have a last dinner with all my friends who were going home.  I don't like good-bys, so I will always see ya later!!

I'll be back in a day or two to start posting other things!

Until then.....


  1. Rhonda posted the group photo - it's from her camera, I believe. I can't remember who took the picture though?

  2. Just watched the "Polk Salad Annie" video...GOOD GRIEF!!! Wow just doesn't cover it!

  3. I know you're right Aunt Sherry!!! He is a WILD MAN with that guitar and some of his movements.....omg!!!! I truly believe he is quickly becoming the NEXT BIG THING to come out of Nashville!!! But we have known this all along haven't we??!! I can't wait till next year, to see where all he performs at the CMA Fest!!! He will be on that Main LP Field Stage as an opener......I just know it!!! And I believe he will be getting some nominations for single, song, or new artist!!! I cant wait!! I wish I could meet you there next year!! That would be great!! :)