Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 2 at CMA Fest....

Hello again.... Day two begins, and since we were up late the night before, we slept in....totally missing the show at the Plaza of the Country Music Hall of Fame!  But from what I gather, the show was very good!!  Here are some videos from it!  Thanks to Carman for these great videos!

She's Money

The Good Life

A video  from the Country Music Hall of Fame.... (Casey is in it)

Working On It

Thanks to Cyndee for these photos....very nice....

HGTV and DIY TV put together a 'Lodge' to have Country  Music Artist and stars of the two cable channels to perform and have interviews.  It was a really neat place, but it was not real cool inside, but it was neat, the way they put it together so quickly. 
Casey put on a fantastic show, he and Blaine!!  The room was pretty much crowded too, and everyone was enjoying what they were watching as Casey performed for the fans.  And new fans were made that day for sure!!  I heard somebody say "He's really good!" 
This was one of those shows that had to be won, to get into, and I had won and brought my friend with me.  Here are pictures.  Sorry they are not the greatest.... :(

Here's a bunch of us who were at the Lodge performance.  Wish we could've gotten everyone in this.  You can see the Lodge behind us.
From L to R.... Gail, Nancy, Cyndee, Regina, Rhonda, Carman, Laura, and me behind her.  That is some Happy Ladies right there!!  Oh and I got to meet Nan Kelly from GAC at the side door!!  She is so sweet!!

Ok, this is all for the 2nd day of CMA fest, more coming tomorrow......

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