Sunday, March 11, 2012

TV & Radio appearances, new shows and a great review of the upcoming CD for Casey James!

Hey yall!!  There's good news and it's starting to all happen very fast, now that the release date of Casey's debut album is mere days away!!  I mentioned that when the CD is released, or shortly after, he will be doing some TV appearances, and here's two that were announced just yesterday and today!!

First, Casey will co-host with Nan Kelley on GAC's Top 20 Countdown next week, starting on 3-16 and every day after until 3-19.  Of course each episode is the same, but hey.....I like to watch things over and over when it has to do with Casey!  :)  It's good too, because everybody can't see every episode and it will give everyone a chance to see it.  Click HERE to find out when it airs in your area!  Scroll down and you'll see it!  If you don't get GAC, then I'm sure a YouTube of it will show up!!  Not to worry! ;)

Casey will, for the 2nd time, be appearing on The Ellen Show!!!  That's right, Ellen DeGeneres will be having Casey on her show on March 21st, the day after his album hits the stores!!!  Ellen, in my opinion, was the one judge on American Idol who really always liked Casey and the song he sang each week.  The only thing she always wanted from Casey was for him to perform more.  She said those words more than once.  Well, I hope she's ready for his performance now, because Casey knows how to perform, and has learned a lot and totally improved his stage presence 10 fold since then!!  :D  I can't wait to see her face when he blows her away!!  It's gonna be awesome!!!  :) Click HERE to find what time the show airs in your area!!
Here is Casey's performance on Ellen's show in 2010 after Idol.

Next is Casey's spot on Crook & Chase and their Top 30 Countdown Show.  "Let's Don't Call It A Night" is currently at #25 on their countdown!  Click HERE to see when it airs on the radio in your area!  :)  Set your clocks!!  I love all this attention he's getting!! :)

Casey has 2 new shows coming up.  He will be appearing in Charlotte, NC on April 21st at Coyote Joe's!  I love their home page!  Looks like an awesome place to hang out with friends!!  If you want to buy these tickets in advance, they are $10 for a short HERE to get yours!!  You can get them at the venue also, for $12.  Doors open at 7 pm.  Casey has a band opening for him starting at 8 pm!!  So get there early and enjoy them as well!!  :)

Back in February, when Casey did a show at Johnny & June's Ultra Saloon in Winston-Salem, NC, it was mentioned that he would be back on April 20th  and sure enough.....they have tickets on sale now!  Only $10, so get yours while they last!  Click HERE.  This place looks really wild, and even boasts that they ARE!!!  So....yall go out and protect*... ummm ....I mean enjoy Casey's show!!  Just kidding yall..... I'm sure they're not that wild!  :D

The Country Music magazine, Country Weekly  had nothing but awesome things to say about Casey's new album!!  Check out the rave review by Jessica Nicholson below!!

“Casey, an American Idol third-place finisher, garnered a following on the talent competition with his standout bluesy renditions of songs such as John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.” On his debut album, this Texas native brings more of the blues and Southern-rock vibe he displayed during his covers tunes by metal band Poison and suave pop-rocker John Mayer on American Idol. From his debut single, the sultry come-on “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night,” to the slow rocker “She’s Money,” this artist knows how to capitalize on his smooth voice with a cache of romantic-leaning tunes. He co-wrote all but two tracks on his debut album and he’s mastered the intense electric and acoustic guitar riffs that shine throughout the collection. This well-rounded musician infuses blue-eyed soul into “So Sweet,” though he sounds most at home on a Souther-rock-tinged “Workin’ On It” that would make Lynyrd Skynyrd proud. The album closes with the sensual “Miss Your Fire,” which boasts a tender vocal a la Jonny Lang. Now if only he would have included that soulful version of “Jealous Guy.”

Ok, my sweeties.....I'm gonna go work on the reviews  for the 2 shows from Macon, Ga. and Melbourne, Fl.  Remember, if you would like to be a writer here on Caseymania, let me know in a comment below, or you can send me an email to  I can teach or train anyone who is interested, it's not that hard.....I didn't know either, when I started Caseymania.  I learned along the way.  But it's getting to be too much for me to handle by myself.  And this is my heart and soul, and I don't want to stop my work here....I don't.  So somebody me.  :-( 

Until next time.....

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