Sunday, March 11, 2012

So single??


Ok....I feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone....when did I miss the release of Casey's 2nd single from his debut album??  The official video for "So Sweet" is already released, just today, and..... hmmm ok, I'll snap out of it in a minute I guess.  This is just strange.....but I like it!!!  Looks like Sony is just putting Casey out there, every where they can!!  :)  And that is so cool to me how they are just surprising us left and right!!  I'm so glad he's with a record company who really wants to see him succeed!!  I know he wants to succeed, and we, his fans....well, ummm .... of course, this is what all of us have wanted for Casey since we first laid eyes on him and heard him sing!!

Knowing that the new single is "So Sweet" just makes my day!!!  I absolutely love that song, have heard it as a "radio ready song" since day one!  Even back then, I thought it was ready, but have had the honor of watching this song grow and develop into the awesome single that it is today!  It actually wasn't that much different the first time it was debuted in Philadelphia at the XTU Anniversary Concert on June 4th 2011.

The one thing that is definitely different is the background vocals that Billy Nobel was singing..... na na... na na na na...  More than one person voiced their opinion that it did not sound good with the song.  I didn't mind least there was something going on in the background.  

Then we heard it acoustically, and I really liked the way that McPherson sounded too, because he did some pretty stuff with the acoustic guitar that just seemed to fit the song.  No na na na's because he was by himself.  I liked it without the background na na's better now, I think. 
Then, we just didn't hear it for a little bit.....and all of a sudden he's starting to sing it again in his shows just recently and now today....we have THIS!!!!!!!

(I tried to post the actual video, and it kept showing Casey Abrams instead of Casey I just put the link.)

Casey James - So Sweet - Special Guests - American Idol

I'm curious to hear more about this "So Sweet" story..... it just may be that we have a new single to support!!  I guess time will tell.....



  1. I got a feeling I'll fall totally in-love with this CD. The promotional video for SS is just awesome!

  2. I certainly hope everyone falls in love with it!! I already am!!! :)