Saturday, March 10, 2012

Casey' James has aTwitter party!

So sorry, everyone!!  I've been having some real issue with my internet the last couple of days, so I've been just on here and there, catching little bits here and there, so since it seems to be working I'll write awhile then save it, then do the same later, until I can get a full post done!!  It's been rainy and nasty, and I'm sure thats what the problem least I hope so anyway.  Then I have the issue with my laptop not wanting to post pics, but I'm finding a better way to do it.  It just takes a little while!  I could really use a helper, so that in times like these, I don't get so behind.  If there is anyone who would like to help me out a bit, I would certainly appreciate it!  I can show you how to do everything, if you don't know already.  But you have to be a BIG Casey James fan....ok?  Thanks yall....

A couple days ago, @CMIL hosted a twitter party for Casey so they and his fans could ask all those questions thats been in their heads and hearts for a while.  And was he ever in the mood to answer!!  We learned quite a bit that day!!  For those who might have missed it, or those who don't tweet, here ya go......

@everydayisa10 What did you find most challenging co-producing your album. Any desire to do more producing of other’s albums?
The toughest part was trying to keep perspective, but not compromise the original ideas.
@inta31 :) Hello from Latvia! Thanks Casey 4 the coolest music ever! I have 3 definite questions & hope you will reply.
k. go. ;)
@thelostsheep heard clips from the album- beautiful and brilliant :) How do u choose which guitar 2 use on a song?
Well every guitar has a voice. I just try to match the ”voice” of the guitar to the soul of the song.
@desthemess just saying hi :)
Hi back at ya. ;)
@michelleLtanner What’s your favorite song to play live? :)
Changes every night
@jerribee In recent vids of full band I like how pedal steel sounds like slide. Will steel player be playing rhythm or other guitar parts?
Yes he definitely will be.
@salleecarvalho Where do Buster and Daisy Mae stay when you’re gone?
At the casa.
@inta31 #TillMyGuitarGetsTiredOfPlayingTheBlues” the most beautiful song by #CaseyJamesIsLove/ When will be able it to hear again?
Maybe soon…..;)
@deesquared777 I love the rock versions of yr songs.When recording, how do u decide how much rock/country 2 make them sound?
I just try to be honesst with the song. I usually have an idea of what I want it to be. Then it just goes from there.
@cjfan_jen My 10 year old started guitar lessons. She has learned 3 chords & Loves it. Any tips, advice, ideas for her?
Well I would just tell her to keep it up!
@coolcjfan Do you realize how much your fans sincerely love and care about you? It’s like you’re part of the family. :)
I do realize. And it is a huge blessing to have such amazing and dedicated fans. ;) yall rock
@emersonb25 When will you announce the 2nd single?
As soon as I know what it is!! haha
@rainelyne Are you saving up for that Tundra or you want another truck now?
I DO love those trucks. But I really wanted a single cab, and I cant seem to find what I want. Im all set now though. :)
@rockendog Any chance u wud do an acoustic CD at some point? I love ur acoustic work
Without a doubt. I would love to. I actually have a list of songs Ive written that I want on it already. Lets hope…:)
@amity dawn i’m excited to see you back in Charlotte! Do you think you’ll do meet & greets then?
No doubt. I always do. ;)
@paulamxx Well my phone is going mental for the first time in a long time. I assume that
CaseyEJames is doing something
Yep. Hi!!
@kuk_z I’m listening to Bulletproof right now and I really think you should do more songs like that, blues-y
Come to a live show. ;) You will get more of that.
@clblaylock Have you ever played the resonator guitar as a dobro? My 9 year old is learning the dobro now
Sure do. I played a Dobro on the studio version of Drive. Love that sound. Im actually looking for a specific one now..
@CejTxgal I just wonder… you swim? And if so, do you prefer a pool, lake,river or ocean? I know, sorry it’s not a music Q
I do. All of the above, depending on the situation. ;)
@KUAngel Would u tweet me a Smiley.. :) Make my day please…
@KUAngel What did u think of the Jersey Shows? Saturday was awesome, thanks for a great time
They were a blast! Great crowds!!
@pjwood67 Mattie is an awesome looking puppy! How did you decide on a Mini Aussie as Momma James b-day present?
We had a full size Aussie growing up. I knew a small dog would be better for momma, so it was just about finding ‘the one’.
@anaperfoncio Where does your inspiration to compose your songs?
Just life. It can be a thought or an experience, or even a dream. Songs come from everywhere. :)
@anaperfoncio Do you have plans to perform international tours?
I would love that. We will see…
@LDG_lildrumgirl Are you nervous or mostly excited about your CD release date quickly approaching??
@cjfanmke Do you prefer performing acoustically or with a full band more
Depends on my mood really. Both. haha
@KUAngel Silly question, but what shampoo do u use, your hair always looks so nice.. :)
That is the secret…;)
@rottenrobynn I have been trying to figure out how to claim you on my taxes? Charitable contributions? Lol!!
haha! thanks!
@cukuandsmfan when are u coming back to nc??? i cant wait to see ya again! u always put on an amzingggg show!(:
Thank you! Im not sure, but I will be back for sure!
@MichelleLTanner What was your favorite part about making your album?
All of it. But the actual recording was prolly my favorite.
@TexasT_ Have any of your guitars ever been damaged during your traveling or gigging? Which one/ones? :)
My Blue One got dropped while i was recovering from my wreck. Guitars get used. As long as they can still make music…;)
@clblaylock what type of dobro are you looking for?
National Resolectric. I think its called a revolver. I cant find one anywhere :(
@lindaf1950 Are you coming to Louisiana this year? Love your music, I want a hug!
Im sure I will. I have family there!
@sweetshadows17 will u ever do a show in the Atlanta , Ga. area?
I sure hope so.
@TexasT_ your schedule must b rough on the fingers & vocal chords.. what do u do to keep fingers & vocal chords in decent shape?
Nothing. I probably should though. haha. Well I guess warm tea counts. Thats about it
@cjfanmke How are Buster and Daisy?
They are awesome as usual. Love those dogs.
@TexasT_ Pick one.. Jaina Solo or a new guitar to add to your arsenal? :)
J hahaha! Well one is real, and the other….
@KUAngel If you could have played music in a different era, which would u have liked?
60s, 70s
@rockendog U used 2 thro out guitar picks to the croud I REALLY want 1 any chance u’ll ever do that again mayB on 3/23 :)
Well i really zing those things!! Ive been worried i could hurt someone. But I can toss you one i guess.
@pjwood67 How many guitars do you officially have now? Did you get the McPherson after the AI Tour?
Sure did. I love that thing. I need to get another one…
@TexasT_ I know things can always be better & get better, but u must be really happy about where u are right now in your career?!
Im always happy. ;) But I do feel extremely grateful for where Im at right now.
@Shenandoah river Have you had time to relax in between shows?
Not really, but I know that I will eventually.
@minilove66 Thank you for being sweet to us always. Pls don’t change ok? ;) Sending big hug from Japan:)))
You are very welcome!! Yall are super good to me.
@courtneylynn278 do you plan on coming back to south jersey anytime soon?
I dont know, but I hope so. That was a blast!
@TexasT_ How difficult, or how easy, was it to select the songs that were going on the album? :)
Super difficult. Cutting songs you love from the album. uggh. But it came out right. Its all about the album as a whole.
@rottenrobynn Do you really open all the gifts we get you?
Yes I do. And I try to write back as much as possible. Its tough with my schedule though.
@rainelyne will you say yes if any shampoo company approach you?
If its the one I use…yep. heehee
@morningstar4us Might you be doing a guest appearance on Idol this season? Iwouldn’t want to miss it:)
I would love to, but who knows..
@haveaniceday711 What’s something (Music Or Otherwise) that you haven’t yet accomplished that you hope to do in the future???
There are so many…I was thinking about traveling the entire colorado river with just a fishing pole and knife
But there are sooo many like that. Thats just one I was thinking about on the plane ride in.
@anaperfoncio You watch your videos that fans post on YouTube?
Yes. They help me get better. But its hard for me to do. I hear EVERY mistake. ouch
@rockendog I wanted 2 thank u 4 signing a poster 4 me from ur Opry debut. I wasn’t expecting that since I wasn’t there.
You are welcome. I was glad to do it. ;)
@sweetshadows17 I’m playing acoustic guitar now & my blind grandson loves to hear ur songs & hear me play
Some of my favorite artists/guitarists were blind.
@prinnie19 Ok, you’ve been spending a lot of time with Blaine… what’s your biggest pet peeve about him?
Hahaha. Good question..
Ok yall, Im off to another interview. Lets do this again sometime. ;)

Ok, yall, I'm just gonna post this and get on to some other stuff before I start having issues again!!

Until then.....

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