Monday, March 12, 2012

Macon, Ga. welcomes Casey James to Whiskey River!

Well, the fans of Georgia welcomed Casey and his band by coming out to the Whiskey River for a great show!!  He was the headliner of the Whiskey River Concert Series!  He and the band took the stage at 11 pm and gave the crowd what they came for, with a 15 song set!!  They loved him so much he came back for 4 encores!!!  Woo Hoo!!  I love the sound of that!!  And for one of the encores.....since he was in Georgia.....well, he Sang "Georgia"!!  The setlist is below, in the order they were sang! :)

The Good Life
Crying on a Suitcase

So High
So Sweet
She's $Money$
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Working On It
Love the way You Miss Me

Done Made Up My Mind
Polk Salad Annie
Why I'm Feeling Blue

Thanks to Staley P.


Thanks to Marsha T for the above 2.


 Thanks to Taylor M. (@tademo) for her awesome photos and videos below!!

Whooo, I know one thing.....those were some really nice shots above!!  I like those kinds of pictures that show him deep in his music, and hair flying and feet stomping!!!  That's when it's great!!

This is the first 11 1/2 songs.  After 2 hours of fighting with this computer, I think I finally have it on here.  Its a good way to ruin a perfectly good night of enjoying Casey's music!

Part 2 - 1/2 of Georgia & Done Made Up My Mind

Polk Salad Annie & Why I'm Feeling Blue

Ok, I think I've finally got it.  I was going to do the Melbourne, Fl. review tonight as well, but I'm a bundle of nerves....sorry....I want to keep up with all the latest news about Casey, but I just can't right now.....

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