Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mount Laurel, N.J. will never be the same, thanks to Casey James!!!

I don't even know how to start this write up, except to say that tonight's show was so over the top's gonna be hard for me to even write enough adjectives to describe it!!!  As Casey and his Texas band took the stage at Prospectors Steakhouse and Saloon, in Mount Laurel, N.J. you could hear the excitement and see it in the live stream!!   OMG!!!!!  It was SOOOOOO great to see Casey just let go and let the music move him!!!!!!  He and this awesome bunch he calls the Texas band, are all out great musicians....and they roll right with Casey!!!!  And since I don't think I could EVER describe exactly how awesome this show was, there is a Full Show LIVE STREAM of the whole thing!!!!!   Thanks to @cathyanne for that!!!!!  Just click on Live Stream above and when you get there look to the right and the 1st 2 recorded ones are Casey!  Then, get ready to be wowed!!!!!  :)

Here is the Set List in the order they performed the songs....

The Good Life
Crying On A Suitcase

So High
So Sweet
She's $$Money$$
Let's Don't Call it a Night

Working On It
Love the way you Miss me when I'm Gone
Why I'm Feeling Blue
Polk Salad Annie

Done Made Up My Mind

Casey and the band were on top of their game tonight!!  And they played one of my favs I haven't heard since back in 2011....."Bulletproof"!!  And yall know I am so biased when it comes to Casey's music.....'the boy just don't do nothing bad!!' :)   And I love everything he sings....period!!  But some of these songs sound sooooooo different electrified with a band!!  And to give you an example, "So Sweet"....which I haven't heard in a while.  "Undone" is another...."Love the way you Miss Me" is yet another.  But the one that really sounds the most different, to me, is "Drive"!!  Totally different!!!!!

Casey and the band were on F*I*R*E on that stage!!!!     Just
Aaaaaaamaaaaazzzzzziiing!!!     A lot of people were saying if he did this awesome in N.J. how phenomenal is he gonna be in his home town of Ft. Worth at Billy Bobs on the 23rd of this month!!!!!?????    Three days after his CD release, no doubt!!!  He is just amazing me at how he seems to get better and better!!!  How does he do it????  I really have no clue!!!  The sky's the limit for this guy!!!  Literally!!!  He can reach heights in this business that only comes with near perfection, and we know he does!!!  In 5 years he will probably be holding at least one Male Vocalist Award from at least one of the Awards Shows!!  He is that good!!  And getting better......which is still beyond me, how he does it!!  I'm just flabbergasted at his talent!!  Ok, here's some pictures from tonight!

Thanks to Margarhita for her beautiful shots below!!



   Why I'm Feeling Blue

  Polk Salad Annie

I will continue to update with videos from this show, if I can find them!!  It's no wonder hardly anyone was videoing, everybody was enjoying they-selves!!!!  :D  Yea!!!  :)

Ok, sweeties..... that's all I have for now, will check for more pictures, which I should have tomorrow, and videos if anyone got any.  

Until then....


  1. I am not that I have ever been so moved by a live Ustream! Thanks so much to our sweet friend Cathy Anne! They were on fire. I cannot wait to see them live! Casey is certainly going to be a HUGE star. He is just phenomenal! I too LOVE everthing thing he does and every song he sings! He is just one special person and one FANTASTIC artist! Love the write-up Glenda! :)

  2. Yes, it was!!! Thanks again Cathyanne!!!! I'm like Lisa, I've never been moved by a live stream before, but I was by that one!!! I could feel the intesity like I was right there!!! And was suffering from the well known Casey hangover today!! Hahaha!! Yes, Lisa, he is one special person,musician and artist....and I feel like if we don't see him in the small venues now, it won't be long till he's filling huge arenas and it will be harder to get those candid shots and pictures with him. So see him all you can now while we can!!! Thanks for the comments yall....glad you liked the write-up!

  3. Absolutely love the new band and especially "Crying on a Suitcase"!!! Casey is on his WAY!! I am so thrilled. genilu

  4. Meeee Toooo Genilu!! I just wish I could understand the lyrics a little better!! :)