Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Casey James last show this week at Towson, MD yesterday....plus more news

In true Casey fashion, he ended his 4 night gig session on a high note, playing 14 songs for the folks in Towson, Md. last night.  I didn't get to listen in on any conference call because I was tied up with other obligations.  And I'm not finding any pictures or anything, but there is a set list.

The Good Life

Crying on a Suitcase
So High

So Sweet

She's Money
Let's Don't Call it a Night
Working On It
Love the Way you Miss Me

Done Made Up my mind
Why I'm Feeling Blue
Polk Salad Annie

If some more info on this show comes in, I'll update.

This just in!!  Idol chatter Headlines....."At long last, a debut album from Casey James!!  And I'm sure every one of you caught the "oopsie" in the first sentence!!!  Yes, it was Victoria Beckham, not Shania Twain!!  :)  And.....I wish those interview people would get it right.....the girls did NOT ask him to take his shirt off.....Randy Jackson did!!  :D  Kara asked him to unbutton the shirt, and Victoria asked him how he looked with his hair down..... Hahaha!!  We remember these things.....don't we?!?!  :)

There's been 3 new shows added.  One is in Walla Walla, WA.!  I love the name of that town!!  How cool would it be to live there and tell people....."I live in Walla Walla!!"  It almost sounds like your joking!!  Haha!!  Anyway, nothing against anybody who does live there.....but all that rain must get boring....  What am I thinking.....at least it's better than living in this incinerator known as Texas!!  And they have 0% drought all year round I bet!!  :)
Anyway....Casey is going to be at the County Fairgrounds on August 29th 2012.  Click the link for information for tickets and times.

On March 28th Casey, Craig Morgan & Neil McCoy will be the entertainment for KNCI's Girls Night Out at the Folsom Community Center in Folsom, Cal.  Tickets are free and you can get them at area Panera Bread locations all through the Sacramento area.  You must be 18 to attend this show.  You can win an All Access Package for 2 from the Panera Bread company of Sacramento.   One person will be the winner, selected at random from the registered Sacramento MyPanera members to win front row seating for 2 to The Girls Night Out, and VIP passes for 2 to Golf and Guitars and VIP passes for 2 to Country in the Park.  You must be a MyPanera member to win. 

The other new show is at a place that I've heard of before and has a good reputation for having big name country stars there!!  I love their sign, so I had to post it too!!  Joe's Bar in Chicago Illinois will be the place to catch Casey on May 12th!!  He will have Gina Glockson (yes, the one from Am. Idol) opening for him!  Click the link above to get your tickets!  This is a late show, Casey goes on at 10:00pm and you must be 21 to enter.  Doors open at 7:00.

Well, that March 20th date is creeping up on us, moving a little faster now, as many fans have pre-ordered and will be in line at Wal Mart at midnight to be the first to get their hands on this much anticipated debut album from Casey James!!  It's gonna be crazy, and I hope he sells half a million copies the first week and goes GOLD!!!  Many of us who have been there since we saw him walk on that stage at American Idol can hardly believe the time has finally come for us to reap our reward for supporting Casey since day one!!   There are also a lot of fans that came along later, that are just as excited as we are!!  It's just gonna be amazing to finally see a picture of him holding his first 'baby' in his hands....I know I'm gonna cry.....lol!!  :)  Oh, and we will be able to also buy his album at his shows too!!!!  As a matter of fact, I was told, if you want to really load up on Albums to give as gifts and what not.....try to buy 'em at his shows, because he makes more money from 'em!  I will verify that for yall soon as I can.  And another thing that I was so glad to hear about......  Casey's album will be available in Canada, and in the Philippines!!  A friend from the Philippines told me it would be in her country, and I don't know if she means on the internet or an actual CD, but I will try to verify that, and I have a write-up on the Canadian release!!  Yay!!!!  :D

Casey James’ new album will be on shelves in Canada. Vibrationcountry.com, from Quebec, announces the release date of Casey’s album in their country music news. The article, originally written in French and translated in English (via Google translator and then some changes made to make it more conversational instead of a straight translation), reads as follows: In Europe no one has heard of Casey James, but in the United States he is a celebrity! This young guitarist, songwriter and performer from Texas is almost 30 years old, comes straight from the American reality TV show “American Idol 2010.” He left the show with a very large following after placing third and that is pretty good! This very talented young artist is extremely experienced in the United States. You will find the first album of Casey James in the trays of your record shops on March 20, 2012. This new album contains 11 great songs, 9 of which were co-written by Casey.”

And a really positive review from the Huffington Post!!  Read on....

The Huffington Post published an article titled American Idol’s March Madness Of Album Releases mentioning Casey James, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night”, and the new album to be released in just 15 days.  Writer Norman Byrd brought attention to the fact that the single has spent nearly 6 months in the top 40, and he continues to explain that “his album is set to do well indeed.”  Additionally, he didn’t fail to recognize that Casey is “set to make a more definitive mark on the music industry than did the two contestants that placed ahead of him in 2010.”  To read the full article click American Idol’s March Madness Of Album Releases 

Sunday as I was listening to the Bob Kingsley's Top 40 Country Countdown, which you can find a station for by clicking the link above,  I was so excited when Casey's single came in at #23!!!!!!!  Almost Top 20 baby!!!!!!!  :D  And the other charts are as follows:

#25 at Mediabase  And #27 on the Billboard Charts.  I have no idea which one is the most important, but I like that #23 up there!!!  We're almost there, yall keep up the requesting at your local stations!!!

I somehow missed a radio interview from one of our hometown stations!!  Charla Corn of the 95.9.The Ranch radio station did quite an interview with Casey, and they recorded and put it on YouTube!!  Thank you Charla, I'm giving her a virtual hug right now!!  Here.....Take a look.......

Yall remember to keep voting for Casey's video at CMT and GAC and CMT Pure 12 Pack. He still needs all of us to do what we've been doing!!!  And remember, it's not easy, but he loves us for it!!  :)  ....thats all I need to know!!

Ok, my lovelies, I'm out of here for a couple days!!  Casey's next show is in St. Louis, Mo. at the Lumiere Casino, on March 7th and you have to win tix from radio station 92.3 WIL to get in!!  So hurry and  Click HERE for your chance!!  Good Luck!!!!

Yall have a good one.....

Until then....

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  1. Where do you think "10 minutes east of here" is? :-) (Where they practice, according to what he says on the interview)