Saturday, March 3, 2012

Casey James in Brick, N.J with a very excited crowd!!

Hey everybody..... I'm here now!!  Here's the Brick, N.J. write up!!  So Casey was interviewed by Thunder 106 live on the air before the show and you can click HERE to listen to it!!  Thanks TCJB for recording this!  One of these days when I figure out how to do it, I think I will post my own.  :)   Hahaha!

So last night Casey played at Mike's Brickhouse Bar and Grille to a very enthusiastic crowd!!  It was part of Radio station WKMK 106.3's Bud light Thunder Road Concert Series!  As he was introduced to the crowd, it was obvious Casey was in company of a lot of his fans!!!  They were Wild and Loud and really representing well!!!

Casey and the band delivered a 12 song set to a more than excited crowd!!  They yelled and hollered and whistled and screamed and cheered and clapped......they were doing it all, and the further into the set he got, the louder and more excited they seemed to get!!!!  That's the way to show 'em what a Texas boy can do in Brick NJ, Casey!!!!!  :)  Here is the set list as they were performed!

The Good Life
Crying on a Suitcase
Working On It

So Sweet
So High

She's Money
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Love the Way you Miss Me

Polk Salad Annie
Why I'm Feeling Blue

                                                          Thanks to Margherita for her beautiful shots!!!

Ok, thats all the pictures I can get to load right now, I don't know what is going on with my's stupid!! :-/

Casey is starting to play really cool intros to some of the songs, and that just drives the fans crazy!!!  We know after just a few plucks of his strings, which intro it is!!  Drive and She's Money both have a very nice one!!  :)
Also I wanted to mention, now that I'm sure.....I've finally gotten all of Casey's bandmembers names together, and kept forgetting to post it.  Although a lot of you already know, there are some who don't and this is for you.

The Band Members are....

Casey James~Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar 
Blaine Crews~Drummer, Back up Vocals
Dino Villanueva~Bass, Back up Vocal

Justin Pate~Keyboards, Back up Vocals
David Kurrasch~Steel Guitar & Rhythm Guitar 

And they are ALL from Fort Worth.....or at least Texas.  But I think they all live in Ft. Worth.  And so the new fans can get aquainted with them, I'm going to put all their pictures and names on the left sidebar.  :)

Ok, here are some videos from that night!!  Enjoy!!  Many thanks to Beth for her awesome work!!!  :)

The Good Life

Crying On A Suitcase

Working On It

So Sweet

Ok, thats all I have on this show, for now anyway!!  Thanks to all Casey's fans for always documenting theses shows for us!!

Until next time.....


  1. Did you like how close we got for this one Glenda? It was quite cozy :)

  2. thanks so much for copying and showing these shows.. there is no way all of Caseys fans could see them... All the fans that take the video,s and pictures,, it helps us to see how he is comeing along..... THANKS SO MUCH

    1. i have photos and videos from towson MD show. However i have never posted anything and don't know how. Can anyone help me out on that? Seeing the full band in action was awesome.