Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Melbourne, FL. show....

I know it's late, but here it is!  We had quite a few fans out at the Space Coast Dirty Feet Music Festival!!  Ha!!  Now I know why I was avoiding it!!!.....Not!!!  It is quite a strange name for a festival....don't think I'll ever forget that one!
Ok, moving on.....Casey started his full band set at about 8:45 and was greeted by an extremely enthusiastic crowd!!  He sang an electric 11 song set:

The Good Life
Crying on a suitcase

So Sweet
She's Money

Let's Don't call it a Night
Working On It
Love the way you Miss Me
Done made up My Mine
Why I'm feeling Blue

Polk Salad Annie

I can only get the link to work for the videos....something is not working on my computer.  It will probably go out soon.....

So Sweet
Working On It
Crying On A Suitcase
Love the wayYou Miss Me


Why I'm Feeling Blue

Done Made up my Mind

Polk Salad Annie

I just love the way that band is jelling better together every time.....They are all very in touch, mentally with every other person on that stage!!  They are just Amazing!!!!!!!!
Wow, now I'm gonna try to post a few pictures! 



I think all these pictures belong to Michelle, Darla, Sara and maybe someone else, and if I forgot you, please forgive me my computer is going down....
Ok, yall.....there is something seriously wrong with my computer....Seee???  Look how it posted the pictures....and wouldn't do nothing else....Why is it writing in one corner??  I'm just ******* Done!!  I have NOfreaking clue why it's doing this!!!!  So adios......I have no idea when I can get it fixed!!  So I don't know how long Caseymania will be out....but I'm done for sorry....but there is nothing I can do about it!!!!!!!  I'm tired of trying to baby this thing!!! So its about to quit on me, it's putting stars in some of the words and trying to run 'em together, so for those of you who actually do read Caseymania.....sorry....I don't know what to tell you.....I'll be back when I can!!  Love yall!!! 






So     So the 


So Swee

So Swee

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