Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Countdown to Casey James CD!!!

This is an exciting time for a lot of people, mainly Casey James and his family and they've waited all their lives for this moment that is coming up very soon!!  Congratulations to you, especially Casey, you have worked long and hard for this album, and in turn, it's gonna catapult you into a new status of stardom!!  It's really going to be surreal to watch this happen, a little more everyday!!  Enjoy this only release 1 first album......this is your baby..... and as you've told us.....your heart....your soul.  And you have a whole slew of fans that support you and will be buying multiple copies for their family and friends to hand out on your CD release day March 20th!!!  Congratulations again, and may God always bless and guide you Casey!

I'm a little late getting into this, but finally here it is.....a countdown of every song on Casey's CD one country site at a time, one a day at a time.  Each day until the release day, Casey will release another title from that CD via an online Country music site.  Click below to check it out!!

Countdown to Casey


  1. So lucky... those who will get to celebrate with Casey on Billy Bobs.

  2. Its gonna be a fantastic day for ALL!!!!! Wish you could make it!!