Friday, March 16, 2012

Album Reviews for Casey James' upcoming debut album, and more....

Well, the buzz is-a- buzzing all about Casey's new album, about to drop in less than 4 days....if your counting hours like me!!  :)  Casey is getting some great reviews ....all pretty good, nothing bad!!!  This is just so awesome for him!!!   First up is Country Music TV Channel GAC.  Yall can just click the link and read it all there!!  :)

GAC Album Review

Well....this next review is so incredibly awesome, it's unreal!!!  A good album review from MJ's Big Blog.  Every song has been dissected and reviewed individually.... and not a really 'omg' great review of every song either.... I was a little shocked, but it's all good....nothing bad ...... Just read it and see what I mean!!  Very good writing....  and ummm now I know why I'm a blogger and not a professional writer!!  Way too many words and phrases I could never come up with!!  Kudo's to the writer, Windmills.

mj'sbigblog- Review of Casey's Album

Tonight is a good night for Casey!!   He will be doing a show at the Grand Ole Opry tonight at 7:00. You can purchase tickets at the door, I'm sure, or click HERE.  Just so you know....this is the other Grand Ole Opry, not the Rhyman.  Click HERE to read the difference between the two. Have fun, who ever might be going! :)

I don't know if his next move is LIVE or not, but after the Opry appearance, tonight, he will be on the GAC Top 20 Countdown with Nan Kelley.  It starts at 9pm ET.   Should be interesting to see where Casey comes in this week!!  Fans have been voting and voting for him to move on down close to the #1 spot....for a while now!!  :) Here's to hoping he does!  :)

Ok, I'll be back later with some more appearances Casey has, starting next Monday.....the day before the release of his debut self titled album!!!!  And I can't wait!!!!!  It's gonna be a grand day for Casey and his family and friends and his adoring fans as well!!!!  :)

Before I go, I want to let everyone know something....I will be posting here at Caseymania less than usual, I will not be doing too many show reviews either.  It's just too much for one person to take on, and since no one can help me, I have to slow down on the news I share with yall.  I will try to get the most important out first and maybe a couple pictures or videos from a recent show....but not all the time.  It's causing me too much I have to let go  a little bit.  I love everybody, and I will continue to support Casey's career in other ways besides here.  thanks .....


  1. Glenda,
    You've done such an awesome job with Caseymania! It will be fun to await a post from you. It is more than one person can handle, which is a good sign for Casey, I believe. Always look forward to hearing your perspective on things, so don't go away completely! Like you, I will always continue to support Casey's career, it may just be in different ways. Thank you for all you've done to teach us how to vote like crazy at the CJCC when he was on AI. And thank you for always bringing your knowledge of what we could do to help promote him as we waited for this CD to come out. I've learned a lot from you, so thank you!

  2. Glenda,

    Everything Mickey said. Thank you for all you've done and post occasionally. Casey's career is going to continue to rise and we'll all follow him as best we can. Like I said in a facebook comment to you, we have to let the world have him now - it's not going to be a core group anymore.

    All the best - you are appreciated!!

  3. Glenda,

    Thank you so much! Mickey did say it all. You have offered so much energy and love for Casey and his fans. I'm so grateful for all you have given and for past and future posts! Stay well and know we are eternally grateful:-)

  4. Thank you for your tireless efforts Glenda. I have so appreciated the effort and caring and dedication!

  5. Glenda,
    What you brought through the process of Casey James's success was unique--you brought the emotion and passion that took me back to the high school days of really getting charged by music and all those girly giggles I got from reading some of your ventures of being with the girls. I love that. I visited your blog because you were one of the girls expressing feelings I sometimes hesitate to express. You're a special person--fun loving and kind hearted. Thank you for being just you. You made me feel welcomed into my first entry to this kind of fan fair. and that I'm not too old (1969 grad) to follow a great musician. Thank you for all that you are.