Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recap of St. Louise,Mo. show, pics, videos, and more....

Casey entertained a small, private group of lucky winners of the radio station 92.3 WIL at the Lumiere Casino in St. Louis, Mo. yesterday.  Luckily there were a few fans we know who were there that got pictures and videos for the rest of us!!  He sang a short 6 song acoustic set to a welcoming group.  And the awesome drummer, Blaine was there as well.  Below you'll find the set list and then a few pictures and a couple videos! :)

Love the Way you Miss Me

The Good Life
She's Money

Let's Don't Call It A Night
Why I'm Feeling Blue

Thanks to Jen L. for her pictures.

Love the Way You Miss Me when I'm Gone

The Good Life

She's Money

Big Thanks to Jen L. for her extraordinarily exceptional videos!!!!  :)

Well, thats all from that show that I can locate anyway.  If more comes in, I'll post it for yall!!

Now.....for some very VERY good news!!!  A sampler of Casey's CD has been released on Amazon!!!  Now we get to hear a clip of every song on the album!!!  I am so excited!!!  And I loved it!!!!!  Makes me even MORE antsy to get my hands on the record!!!!  :D
Click Here>>> music Sampler and enjoy Enjoy ENJOY!!!!  :)

Also, it's time to really start pushing the CD and get the word out even more that it's coming out on March 20th.  I'm just telling everybody I come in contact with, whether it be Wal Mart, the Veterinarian, My loan company, the bank....just anywhere you can talk to people, tell them about Casey's new album.  I also give out cards when I have them with me.  Cyndee Hoialman handed out little 20 packs of cards, at the Opry Debut, full of information about Casey and how to buy his music, go to his shows, and follow him on twitter, plus more!   have Caseymania cards also, I hand out a lot!  And when the CD comes out, try to by extra copies from either department stores, or or iTunes. Give copies or gift a copy online to friends and family if you can and tell people about this awesome young man's beautiful music!!!  The more people who actually see his live show or hear his whole CD will be so impressed, they'll have to like him!!  :)

I saw this on Facebook and just had to share!!  This is Casey and the Band, holding up Bryan, the manager!!  Boys will be boys!!!  So cute!!  I love to see them having fun, they tend to work so much, I wonder if they ever get to have any.

From left to right:

Justin, David, Casey, Blaine, and Dino, and of course....Bryan in the middle!!  LoL!!
Thanks to Lisa N. for this very cool and cute picture!!

There is a new show coming up in Belpre, Ohio on August 3rd.  It is their 80th Invitational Homecoming, and Casey is scheduled to play at Howes State Park.  I will post more information as it comes in on this show.

Tomorrow, at 4 EST, CMIL (Country Music Is Love) (@CMIL) will be hosting Casey James with a Live Chat on Twitter!!  He will be answering question from fans as well as CMIL!  So if you have a question for him, just ask.  But you must follow @CMIL and @CaseyEJames on Twitter and add a hashtag #CJChat to join in the conversation.  Or you can click HERE.  So, come if ya can....see ya there!!

And the Dallas news has a small piece about Casey and his CD dropping, and you can read it HERE.
Ok, yall, I'm outta here for tonight!!  I'll be back when there's more to talk about!!  Don't forget to call your radio stations and request Casey's single!!!

Have a good one yall.....

Until then......

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