Friday, March 2, 2012

Casey in Foxborough, Mass. and other news....


Hey yall!!  Sorry I'm a bit behind, but I had a full day yesterday of just stuff to do....ya know.....  and one of them was getting a new iPhone 4!!  And if yall have ever been to an AT&T store, you know how long it takes to get to the point to where you can actually talk to someone.....  But it's ok, it is, what it is....can't change it!  Anyway, so today I'm just getting started on last night's show in Foxborough!  And it was the first time the full band had actually played together!!  From what I gather, it was an AWESOME Show!!!!!  They sounded great together, and we now have the video of the first lisen to another song off the soon to be released, album!!!!  "Crying on a Suitcase" is everything and more than I expected it to be, coming from Casey James!!  This is one of the 2 songs off the album that Casey did not co-write.  The other is "Working On It"....the upbeat song he unveiled, I believe, in New Mexico a few weeks ago.
Anyway, it was the bands 1st time and they blew everybody away in 'Toby Keith's I Love This Bar', in Foxborough!!!  And lucky for me, there were some long time Casey fans there who did not let us down on pictures and video!!  So, here we go!!