Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A nice mixture of Casey James news!

Hey everybody!  What a crazy week it was for Casey last week!!  I couldn't even keep up, so I just shut down for a bit.  This blog overwhelms me when I try to keep up with every single little piece of information that comes along.  And it doesn't help, that my computer doesn't post the pictures so easily anymore.  It's just a fight every time, and it drives me nuts!  So I won't be trying to keep up, I'll just post what I want to, the most important, and that's all.  It's either that, or I'm leaving for good.  I really don't know what's going on with me, since I've quit smoking,  I just feel like I'm so behind on everything, all the time, and feel guilty if I don't get it all written up.  I have to stop thinking that way, and just keep it light and try to keep it fun, so I can keep this page going.  I want the new fans to find and enjoy this page too, afterall this blog is for the fans. 

Casey and the release of his new album is the topic of some blogs and websites.  check below for some really good reviews and such!

All Things Country

Casey is CMIL Artist of the Week

The Ft. Worth Star Telegram had this to say about Casey....

When American Idol alum Casey James rolls into town March 23 for his gig at Billy Bob's, he'll have familiar faces in tow: Justin Pate of the Orbans, and Blaine Crews, who has kept time for Tim Halperin, among others, have joined James' backing band.

Even VH1 got in on all the excitement surrounding Casey's self titled debut album, making it's way to stores March 20th!!

I posted the video last week, that suddenly was released by Sony, to Casey's VEVO channel of the Acoustic "Drive", and have been still trying to figure out what Sony is doing.  I think I may have figured it out....but I won't say exactly what I think, but I will say this....if this is what they were looking for, I think they got it!  The video was released on 2/17/12 to very unsuspecting fans and since that date it has taken off, and people are watching and commenting this video like CRAZY!!!!  In a little over 10 days, it already has over 158,472 views and 156 comments!!!  And word is, Sony is Thrilled!!!  And so are all the fans!!  This is good.....this is really good!!!  :)

Acoustic Drive...

Lovin' Lyrics website had THIS to say about Casey's new video AND his FANS!!  :D

Thank you....thank you very much!!!  LoL!!!

According to TCJB Casey's single has reached a new peak!!  It is now at #26 on both Mediabase and Billboard Charts!!  It is starting to get some momentum and really moving now, so all this requesting we are doing is working!!  Please keep it up, by calling your local Country radio station and by requesting at the Mediabase request forms, by click HERE.

Also remember to give Casey's Video for LDCIAN that 1 vote per day at GAC Top 20.  He is #9 this week, up 1 from #10 last week.  :)  At CMT's High 5 Video Countdown Series, we can get him into the top 5 on that, if we just keep watching the video like crazy!  And one more..... CMT 12 Pack, it's very important to keep the video on that one!  Just do what you can, when ya can.  No pressure.... :)  Thanks yall!!

                                    And thanks to Jan Humphrey for her sweet creation above!!

There's probably more out there to talk about.....but this is all I can do tonight.  I'll be back soon....

Until next time....

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/02/23/3757506/lone-star-sounds-fort-worth-based.html#storylink=cp


  1. Hey Glenda,

    Just a shout-out to you and all your efforts. They are much appreciated! I hope you decide to keep posting because I come here all the time to get your take on what's going on with Casey. Don't feel pressure - this is a "fun" blog that shows your humor and your personality. I don't expect you to gather every piece of info about Casey - just the info that you find interesting. So hang in there! And kudos for quiting smoking. That's a huge achievement.

  2. Hi Glenda and thanks for the updates! Doing this blog should stay a fun thing for you to do, so please don't feel pressured to keep up with everything. You have your own special personality invested in this and I enjoy reading it! Take care & congratulations on your success of not smoking!