Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Casey James debut at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tn. on 1-27-12 Part 1

Hey everybody!!  I'm back from Nashville, and watching Casey debut at the Opry!!!  What a wonderful night it was.....and day too!!

I decided to drive straight through from Texas to Nashville, and my friend Laura and I got into our hotel about 2:30 am on the 27th.  I was very exhausted, as the trip took us about 13 1/2 hours.  I slept like a log that night!  We got up and visited a while with our English friends and some other fans who were also staying at the same hotel with us.  Then it was time to get ready to go to the Fan Dinner at Margaritaville's.  So we get there and there's already quite a few there, so we commenced to visiting and hugging and taking pictures together....oh it was so much fun!!  And as I was chatting with Val Jean Nixa, a head of wavy blonde hair caught my attention over her shoulder and I looked and it was Casey!!!  And he was walking in with his Mom and manager!!  What??  We had NO idea this was going to happen!!!  What a surprise for all of us!!!  Well, of course I went straight to him, leaving poor Val Jean just standing there, (I apologized later) and was the second person to hug him!!  I was so glad to see him, yall just don't know!!  I haven't hugged him since last April in Las Vegas!
Thanks to PamWood for capturing this precious moment for me!  I was so happy to see him....

As luck would have it, that nice camera let me down once again!  But I think it's my fault this time.  I should have been checking it out for battery life to see how long it would stay on before going dead, and I didn't.  Come to find out.....the battery was bad...... :(  So once again, I got no pictures of anything!  Thank goodness nearly every person there was snapping pictures left and right!!  :)

Thanks to Pamela W. and Carman W. for these group shots of Casey surrounded by his adoring fans at Margaritaville's!
I love the balloon hat that's on Casey's head! :)

fter a couple of hours of drinks and food and seeing and talking to Casey, it was time to pay up and head out to the Opry to get ready to see Casey's show.  We had such a wonderful time hugging and visiting with everyone!  And now it's time for what we all came see Casey grace the most important stage in Country Music History....The Opry....

I also wanted to let everyone know that while in Nashville, and on the same day as Casey's debut at the Opry, I too had my own personal debut......I quit smoking!!!  Now I can begin life as a non-smoker for the first time ever.  Yall just don't know how good it feels to not have that nagging, nasty, smelly habit anymore!!  I'm FREE!!!  And I'm feeling good!!!  If anybody wants to know how I did it.....I'm happy to say that Chantix, the prescription drug that does something in your brain to tell it you don't like the taste or smell of cigarettes what did it!!  I know......right??  It's a magic pill that makes the habit just go away!!  I've never felt so good in my whole life!!  It has plagued me for 39 years!!  And I'm happy to say.....I will not be getting 'weak' and going back to them!!  I'm stronger than ever....and I refuse to let them rule my life another second!!  Thanks to everybody for all your love and support as I started this treatment, not knowing what was going to happen!  Yall helped me to be strong and put them down for good!!

I will finish this story tomorrow, it's a bit too late to finish everything tonight, but I'll get on it tomorrow and tell the rest of the story.....

But before I go, I just have to share this bit of AWESOME news!!  Casey's cover art for his album was released earlier today!!  Brian Mansfield, of USA Today, has the full story and the beautiful picture of the front of Casey's new album, due out March, 20th!!  Click HERE to read his whole story!  And look below to see it!!  It's beautiful!!  I wish it were showing his face a little more.....but I'm happy the way it looks!!

Ok yall....I'm gonna head out tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of the story....and other news!!

Until then.....


  1. Love this story and can't wait to read more! Great job capturing the events as always Glenda! And so very proud of you for putting down your "breathing treatment" aka cigarettes!

  2. Great recap.......looking forward to the rest of the story........Ü

  3. Sounds like you and everyone there had such a great time Glenda! I sure hope I can meet you all sometime. I can't wait for part II of your recap! Congratulations on kicking the cigarette habit! :)

  4. Great again, Glenda. Enjoyed meeting you and all of the other gals. Great group. I am so happy to be a part of this adventure. Meeting Casey was more than I expected. I got two hugs. What a night!!!! I got so excited that I forgot to tell him my name so he could put it on the poster. Congrats on the smoking accomplishment. Kudos.
    Looking forward to the rest of the story...........

  5. Thank you again always!!! The video by Carman was amazing and thank you to her as well!!! It was an extra special night and so glad I got to share it with so many wonderful friends!!! Keep up the good work on your personal debut....not smoking....I am so proud of you, Glenda. So, it's tax time again, huh? Yippeeee! :(