Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Casey James debut at the Grand Ole Opry....Part 2

Ok, when I left off yesterday, we were all headed over to the Opry, which we walked to, since Margaritaville's is right around the corner! :)  So we go in and immediately you can feel the history all around can also see it all around you.  It's such a feeling to walk through those doors and know so much history lies there!!  Just a goose bumpy feeling always gets me....  So an attendant shows us where we are sitting, and we get Laura situated, (she's in a wheel chair) and then I head down to sit in my seat.  And there are nearly ALL Casey fans all across the front and sides and a row or two back!!  It was awesome to see so many of the fans there to support him on this wonderful debut!  Casey's momma was sitting right in one of the front rows,  by the stage to see her baby walk out.....that was just so precious to see.  So we are watching the show, as act after act come out and sing a couple songs and then the next act comes on, and in between sets, Little Jimmy Icon of the Opry for many many years, is telling the cutest jokes.....he is still just as funny as he was 40 years ago, when I used to watch him on Saturday nights with my grandparents! :)  And he is a very young 91 years old....but still full of spunk!!

Little Jimmy Dickens

Diamond Reo (Love these guys!)

A Bluegrass Group

Craig Morgan (Love him!)

Is that a happy smile....or what?

This is Casey right after his performance when Bill was talking to him and asking him to come back!
Such a beautiful smile....that's a happy guy right there!!

Casey soon after taking the stage at the Opry

                      Casey telling Bill Anderson that he would love to come back!
Thanks to CarmanW and CyndeeH for all these beautiful pictures above!

As the show rolled on, we kept looking to see if we could see Casey off to the side of the stage, and finally....there he was!!  We knew he was coming on soon!! 
So after a little bit, Casey slowly walked on stage while people were setting up for his set, and the fans went WILD!!!!
He smiled that sheepish little grin as he stood, ready to sing.  And we all looked on adoringly.....then it was time....
Bill Anderson, also an Opry Icon, formerly known as 'Whispering Bill', because of his soft voice when he sang, introduced Casey as a finalist on American Idol Season 9 and "one of the bright new stars of Country music"....!!!  Casey looked just a little nervous as he looked out at the audience and spoke with Bill.  And with good reason..... this was the moment......he was there..... Casey thanked his momma for making the trip out to see him and then said...."she looks pretty, doesn't she?"  What a great child Debra has....I have to give her the credit for raising and instilling manners like that in her son. 
Casey sang his chart climbing new single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night" first, as he put on a guitar I had not seen before.  It was black and white, and it's what he played for this first song.  Then, after that one, he picked up another different guitar, or was that a dobro......?   I had not seen it before, but it was beautiful with the silver on the front of it, he and proceeded to wail on "Drive" with it!  Both songs sounded really nice, with the Opry band backing him up.

Thanks to Carman W we have the whole show at the Opry right here!!  Great job girl!!

That is one awesome video that shows the whole debut, from start to finish!!  This will definitely be on my favorites list!! :)

And all too soon it was over....... :(  I wanted it to last forever!!  But I know thats not possible.  But it was worth every bit of the 1500+ miles I drove out there and back!!  But I think I'm gonna try to fly from now on....thats a long trip in a car! :)

I will be back tomorrow with more information on Casey and his single!  I'm a bit too tired to keep going tonight....but there's more to I'll be back soon!

Until then.....


  1. Thank you Glenda. You brought Casey's appearance at the Opry to all of us that couldn't be there. Love reading about Casey through your eyes.

  2. Thanks for writing about your experience at seeing Casey at the Opry Glenda! He indeed looks like a happy guy in those pictures! I am sure that many other great things are in Casey's future!

  3. Craig who?!! Yes ... I know ... Craig Morgan who has a lot of hits, but seems he took second fiddle to the new guy that night!!! The fans really gave up the love for Casey. And people who hadn't heard him before definitely applauded! The ppl behind us said, "He's really good!" I can't hear that enough!!

    Josh Turner was originally scheduled to be there. Wonder what happened to him?

  4. OH --- the link above is to Craig Morgan, just in case you forgot who he was. :-) I had to refresh my memory and I was there!!

  5. I should have linked their name with their websites.....still recouping I guess!! I LOVE Craig Morgan and Diamond Rio!! I've been a Rio fan since 1996! Their music helped me cope with life when I lost my son! I would like to thank them personally one day. I don't know what happened to Josh're right, he was suppose to be there! Hmmm
    Thanks SassySyl and Karen, I'm glad yall enjoyed it! He is just so easy to write about....such a doll. :)

  6. Cyndee, yea, it did seem like Casey got a lot more applause than Craig.....could have had something to do with the fact that about 50 of his biggest fans were there!! Even Bill Anderson said Casey brought his own Fan Base, right on the front row!! Or he said something like that!
    Craig definitely took second fiddle that night!
    Casey's fans were flat out cheering him on!!! I loved it!! And the girl beside me & her boyfriend remembered him on Idol, and totally enjoyed him and also the couple behind me, who were with them, had not heard of him, but immediately loved his style, and so I handed out 4 Casey cards you gave me, and they were so excited to get them!! I'm so glad you got those cards, they are awesome!! Good design too!!

  7. You do such an awesome job letting all of us feel like we were there, thank you so much. Love you and our blue eyed wonder Casey E James!

  8. You do such an awesome job letting all of us feel like we were there, thank you so much. Love you and our blue eyed wonder Casey E James!

  9. Thank you Maxi!! He certainly is a blue eyed wonder isn't he!? Just love that boy!!

  10. Thank you Glenda! I'm back from vacation where I had very limited internet use and I'm hearing Casey's debut for the first time right now! So happy for you and all the fans that got together to support our guy - he looked and sounded great!!! Wondering about his choice of those two guitars - hope to learn more about them.

    Congrats on your quiting smoking - it's a tough thing to do but definitely worth doing.

  11. Thanks Laura, glad your back and reading up on everything!! It was amazing!! I'll never forget it, or that beautiful hug he gave was special.
    Thanks for the congrats!! The good thing is that it was not hard at all....not at all!! Chantix is the best thing they've ever put on the market for people to quit smoking!! Because it does it painlessly....I've had no side effects, no cravings, no extra food eating....even my habits are gone! It's an amazing drug....and I will vouch for it....I'm nearly 2 weeks free of smoking!! :)