Thursday, February 9, 2012

Billboard 615 Spotlights Casey! Twitter buzz, visits to CW, CMT & Music Row

615 Spotlight: 'Idol' Star Casey James an 'Impostor' No More

"I am so excited to have music out. All this time, I've just felt like an impostor -- this guy who doesn't have music out," he tells Billboard. "Now, people can actually say, this is what he does. This is who he is. This is his music. I actually have a reason. Before, I was just out there with nothing to support or to promote. It's the best feeling in the world."

This is a must read article!!  To check out the entire piece click HERE!!

Casey's new drummer and travel companion, Blaine Crews 
(@blainecrews)  has become quite good at this tweeting thing!  Being a beginner at twitter, one would never know it, as he tweets up a storm, his comings and goings... :)   I knew I liked this kid right away!!!  :)    #mustmeetblainecrewsatbillybobs  lol....
Here's some of the latest tweets via Blaine.....

  single is in the song wars tonight on US 99 in Chicago. Please vote for him!

Just landed in Nashville with , about to meet with

He even tweeted us a picture yesterday of the CMT offices where he and Casey played.  I certainly hope that means CMT is gonna put Casey's single back on their Top 20 Countdown!!  Or better yet, be featured in one of their many shows!!  :)  Whatever it is, thanks to Blaine for keeping us in the know!! :)

The CMT private jam was not the end.....oh no....the boys were just getting started.....
I forgot to mention that Casey's manager, Bryan Frasher @bryanfrasher was also with them as they traveled the streets of Nashville.
Blaine then sent this tweet....along with a picture!!
Just played at country weekly, now heeded to music row to play with

Country Weekly?!?!  Yes!!  Sounds like another interview and hopefully a chance to be on the cover!!!  I have a subscription to Country Weekly so I'll keep my eyes peeled for that one!!  Thanks are definitely a keeper!!
He never said what all they did on Music Row, but we know it was to play we'll see what happens there.

The single is continuing to move up the's at #28 moving up one on the Mediabase charts!!  So keep using those charts for requesting, they are working!!  Just use the link at the top of this page that says Support.

Speaking of Casey's manager, Bryan Frasher, he tweeted something the other night that made all of Casey's fans who read it, feel so good!!
In all my 25 plus years in music, I have never seen fans like Casey James' fans.  You gals and guys are the best ever....period.

Now that just makes everything we all do worth it!!  We don't want to be ho-hum fans.....we're on FIRE for our boy, Casey!!!  We all want him to succeed at his career and we'll do whatever necessary to help him attain his ultimate goal of getting his music out for the world to hear!!  And we get that same feeling every time Casey thanks us for all we do!!  It makes us all feel good to know all our efforts are very appreciated by more than just Casey!  :)

Ok, yall....I think I'm gonna skeeee daddle for tonight.....I'll be back to follow the show from Angel Fire, N.M. on Saturday night on twitter and then a write up of the show.

Until then....


  1. Thanks're a sweetheart. And you are right. That Blaine is a keeper! He's my Sushi buddy!
    Thank goodness he is a phone person. Casey is not much into that! Lol! So it's a good balance.

  2. Hi Debra and your welcome! I just love him to pieces already, and haven't even met him yet!! :) His personality shines through his tweets! I, too am grateful he is a phone person!! He's pretty informative!
    Well, I wish I could say I envy you and him having Sushi....but I can't!! LOL!! I just cannot for the life of me put raw fish in my mouth....ain't happnin'!! lol!! And I'm probably the only person on God's green earth that don't eat it!! :D
    Thanks so much for stopping by with a comment!!