Saturday, February 11, 2012

A new show, more from Music Row and even more media attention....

Casey has yet another new show scheduled in March!  This show is on March 2nd at 6:00pm at Jack & Mike's Brickhouse Bar & Grille in Brick, N.J.  This is a rescheduled show for one that had to be cancelled last year.  This is a FREE show, sponsored by radio station Rockin' Country Thunder 106 and is part of the Bud Light Thunder Road Concert Series.
When I left off yesterday, Casey and Blaine had been playing music at different places and promoting his music, and were headed to Music Row headquarters.  Here's a little snippet of what they had to say.....
Sony Music Nashville artist, Casey James, stopped by MusicRow’s headquarters to perform songs from his self-titled 19 Recordings/BNA Records debut available March 20.

to see what else they had to say, click HERE and also see the beautiful pictures they took while he and Blaine were there!

And Blaine, bless his soul, was tweeting again this morning, with this one....

@blainecrews About to play at Sony with @CaseyEJames 

And with that one, he tweeted this picture....

That is where they played at Sony for the Nashville media!  It is a refurbished Chapel!  Beautiful.....and can you just imagine Casey's voice in there....omg!!   It's no wonder why @Tammygoogoo (a member of the Nashville media)  apparently loved what she heard.....tweeting this afterwards....

  Did I REALLY just sit in a chapel & listen to @CaseyEJames sing songs from his upcoming album? Yep. Were they good? No. They were AWESOME!
They were ALL great, but he’s such a great picker, “Drive” is a stand-out, “Love the Way You Miss Me” will stop your heart.

Just before they started @Idol_Insider tweeted... “I’m interviewing the amazingly talented @CaseyEJames in about an hour and a half. Have any questions for him? His upcoming album is GREAT!”
And later they tweeted....I just got off the phone w/ @CaseyEJames.  He’s so genuine & loves all of his fans. The interview will be up today or Monday. Stay tuned!

Also on hand for the Sony showcase was Brian Mansfield of Idol Chatter (USA Today) who tweeted the whole time with pictures and comments.

@brian_mansfield: Having learned that stress & lack of sleep causes memory loss, Casey James says he’s investing in a Comfort-Pedic mattress.

Hmmmm..... I wonder what that means??  Maybe he forgot his words or something.... or knowing Casey like we do....he's  not sleeping much.....bless his heart, I  thought he was slowing down a little....

@brian_mansfield: Casey James’ lunchtime set incl. Acoustic versions of “tThe Good Life” & “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night.”

@brian_mansfield: Casey Janes says “Love the Way You Miss Me” ended up very different than he initially imagined. It came out sweeter.

After leaving there, they weren't through up was Country Aircheck.

» James Gang: 19/BNA's Casey James consoles the Country Aircheck staff after singeing our eybrows with mad guitar skillz and impressive vocals. James sang his current single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night," plus "The Good Life," "Why Am I Feeling Blue?" and the uptempo "Drive." Pictured (l-r) are CA's Brad Helton, Columbia/BNA's David Friedman, CA's Jeff Green and Lauren Tingle, James, CA's Chuck Aly, Mary Forest Findley, and RJ Curtis and Gunslinger Entertainment's Bryan Frasher.

Ok..... I think that's all for today!  We can expect a lot more of this, as it gets closer to the CD release date.  Everybody wants a jump on a review of the album!!  And I can't blame them....this is one great album and I cannot wait to get several copys in my hands!

Don't forget, Casey is doing a show in Angel Fire, New Mexico tonight!  For all the info on it, check the left sidebar.

Ok yall, I'm outta here for now....I'm very tired....will be back tomorrow!

Until then....


  1. Looks like you might need a Comfort Pedic mattress also, being that you are very tired!
    So proud to be a fan of Casey James!

  2. Haha!! I do need a Comfort Pedic...I thought I'd never go to sleep last night!! It gets old after a while! Bless his heart....I feel his pain! But he sleeps a lot less than me.... I think he only sleeps a few hours every 2 days or so.... he wears himself down doing that. thanks for reading, and I'm so proud to be a Casey fan too!!! From the very beginning for me....when he auditioned....I knew he was the one I would support!! I voted for him over 20,000 times that season!! :D But I would do it all again, it was so worth it, so see the success he's getting from his 3rd place finish!! :)