Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Las Vegas loves Casey!! And a new show!!

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Tonight in Vegas in the Ovation room at the Green Valley Ranch, Radio station KCYE 102.7 had their annual Fan Jam!  There were 4 performers who took the stage one at a time and sang a few songs.  And because Casey was a bit more known to the public, he was #3.  He sounded great from the Conference Call.  Blaine was with him, and he too sounded awesome!!  They took the stage about 8:00 pm to a room full of screaming fans....it sounded very loud on the other end of this phone!!!  Total excitement was sweeping through the room as people who had waited patiently for him to take the stage, were overcome with total excitement as he strolled out to take his place at the mic!!  There were a lot of people there to see him.....I'd bet money on that!!!  :)
Anyway, he started things off with one of my total favorites...."The Good Life"!!  Then he played the intro to the newest of the songs that were unknown to the fans...."Working On It"!!  I really like this one....it just has that very cool country, rock sound!
Then he went into his current chart climbing single...."Let's Don't Call It a Night" before rolling into another cool intro.....

"She's Money" is quickly becoming a fan favorite....especially with all this new intro stuff going on!!  Wooo Hooo....he can play that guitar!!!  Gotta love it!!!  After this one, he said he had eaten half of his hair!! LoL!!!  Then he said something about American Idol....couldn't quite catch what he said. 
Then he goes into the familiar old cover "Polk Salad Annie".....and the crowd is going W*I*L*D*!!!!  Haha!!!  I love it!!!  They cheered all the way through this one....nearly....but I would've been too....my gaaaaa  he just wears that guitar out on this song!!!!  And the crowd could not get enough!!!
He asked if he could slow it down a little.....and someone actually yelled 'NO'!!!  LoL!!!!!
He told us that the next song did not make the album.....but if we'd buy this 1st one, maybe it could be on the 2nd one!!  Or at least.....thats what I think he said!!   Then he went into the tear-jerking, but very beautifully melodic tune....."That's Why I'm Feeling Blue".....And the crowd stayed quiet and then erupted in a nice round of applause and whops and hollers and whistles!!
Just before he started the slower "Undone", another of my favorites....he said he was just doing random songs!!  Thats alright with me.....I love everything he does anyway.....so it don't matter to me.....just as long as his mouth is moving and there's something coming out of it.....I'm a happy gal!! LoL!!  And I know I am in very good company.....with that last statement.....hahaha!!  :D
Then he went into his crowd pleasing guitar beating "Drive"!!!  We all know when we hear that one....the show is almost over..... wa...wa...wa... :(   But all good things have to come to an end.....and now.....all I have to do is wait for pictures and videos to come in, and I'll get 'em posted for ya!!
Here's the Set list in order as he sang them:

"The Good Life"
"Working On It"
"Let's Don't Call it a Night"

"She's $Money$"
"Polk Salad Annie"
"Why I'm Feeling Blue"


The Good Life & Working On It

She's $Money$

Why I'm Feeling Blue


Thanks so much to Cyndee H. for all the above awesome videos!!


Let's Don't Call It A Night

Polk Salad Annie

And Big Thanks going out to MsVerucas for her awesome quality videos!!!

Wow!!  Those were some really awesome videos....I felt like I was right there on the front of that stage!!!  What an amazing show!!

Big Thanks to Cyndee H. for her awesome photos and also for the very cool video below!! :)

After the show....


There's another new show that has popped up just today!  Casey has been added to the huge country music festival, Country Thunder, that takes place in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin from July 19th through July 22nd!  And his show is on July 21st from 2:30 to 3:30 pm!  He is in good company with big stars like Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Dwight Yoakam, Toby Keith, plus many more!!  check out the whole schedule HERE.  Tickets are on sale now, and have different levels to choose from.  You can even purchase a 4-day pass and Camp out on their many acres of campground!!  Click HERE to check out all the ticket prices!

There's a new show that was posted,  for February 17th.  He'll be playing the Johnny & June's Ultra Saloon in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  The tickets are not on sale as yet, but will let you know when and where, when they are.  I'll also add it to the left sidebar of Upcoming Shows, when I have all the info.

I'll be back in a bit with some pictures and maybe some videos....but it might be tomorrow on the latter.... :)  We'll see.....

Until then.....


  1. Great article Glenda as usual ..I just love everything you write! Sadly I only got to hear the last 3 songs on the call in but hey I'm still flying high from last sat. Night show in DES moines! My god thank you for Casey James!! Do I hear an AMEN? I love the new look and the new picture..wow I think my heart stopped a minute when the page opened...thanks Glenda! Billy Bob's is gonna be a blow out show and I am so excited that I will be there for the frenzy!

  2. Thank you sweet Donna!!!! I really like it too!! It's a new year, I'm a new person, so things are a changing!! For the better!! We are gonna have a blast in Texas...I guarantee you girl!! I think the hotel we're in has a firplace in the lobby!!! You know I LOVE that!! If you want to hear the whole show, I'm more than sure TCJB has the recording of it on their page. And yes you can.....AMEN!!!

  3. Ana LĂșcia PerfoncioFebruary 8, 2012 at 3:48 PM

    Oh my! I do not want to skirt the issue but... one can not resist the beauty of this man! Beautiful pic in the introduction!!!!

  4. Funny, interesting and COOL, as always! Many thanks, Glenda!! Take care and God bless.

  5. Really like the new look, Glenda. I know it's about the music but I have to say that opening picture OMG OMG OMG. OK back to the music. *sigh* I'll see you at Billy Bob's. Jeanette

  6. Beautiful new layout! Loved this post...someday I'm going to get the pleasure of seeing and hearing Casey live, but until then, these excellent photos and videos are a great way to (almost) be there. All the best to you, Glenda!

  7. Terrific article...Great pics and videos! Blaine's back up vocals sound amazing with Casey. Looking forward to the CD in March!

  8. So glad you liked my vids Glenda! I loved this show, I've already said it, but the screaming girls was really making me smile! And no I was not screaming, I was videoing, lol! I love how Casey is growing as a performer, he gets better and better! :)