Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Playing catch up now....

Hey Yall!!  Sorry I haven't updated since my update about my trip.  I've been fighting being depressed about my Boxer girl....Brandy.  I had to take her to the Vet yesterday to stay at least 5 days and have the heart worm treatment.  It just killed me to leave her there, not knowing what this is going to do to her!  I've done everything I was told to do, but I'm still extremely worried.  She has had 2 treatments already, and when we were there today, she looked great!  That releived me somewhat, but she has 3 more days and it could take it's toll on her lungs at any time!  So I'm saying prayers for my baby to come back home, healthy again!  I know a lot of you understand the connection with a pet.  These days our animals have become family members and I love 'em like I would a child.  I hope that don't sound crazy, but it's true.  I just couldn't stop weeping yesterday when I had to leave her there!  It was a very sad moment for me.  So that's what's going on with me, and why I can't seem to get started on a post, I'm afraid I won't be able to write.  But I pushed forward and told myself that it would help me, if I would.  So far, so good!  If yall can, just remember my little angel in your good thoughts or prayers, and I will appreciate it so much.....

Now, let me see if I can get an informational post done for yall.   I know I missed writing up 2 shows, but The Casey James Blog does a fine job of it, and if you missed the write-up of the Springfield, Mo. or Raleigh NC shows, just click the link above and find it on the right side of the page.

Casey told us some really exciting news while on stage at the show in Kansas City on Thursday night!!   He said the day before, he had finally finished and mastered the album....meaning the album is completely finished and ready to go to press.  Mastering is the last piece to finishing an album, and I can say, Casey's smile was all the way across his sweet face when he said it,  as it meant the end to all those long days & nights in the studio!!  But with the great news came some not so great he went on to say the album had been pushed back to March.  :(  There were more than a few "Ooooohhhh Nooooooo's" and Casey was quick to mention that we had been anticipating a February release.   There are many reasons why an album's release gets pushed back, and I won't go into them here, but just know, it's for a good reason.   Let's just be happy in the fact that finally, he may get some very much needed R&R, since the hardest part is done now. 

On Saturday, December 3rd, I was surprised by a message from a friend telling me Casey was on CMT right then, co-hosting Southern Fried Flicks with that sweet Hazel Smith!!  I love her!!!  And now Casey is sitting in her kitchen eating and talking about his life and career in between commercials and the movie 'Sweet Home Alabama!!  Even my hubby was excited to see him!!  Once when I was out of the room, he yelled.....There's that 'curly headed Casey again'!!
  Just the way he said it, made me LoL!!  Casey was just as comfortable as could be, except for when Hazel called him beautiful or gorgeous or handsome!!  But he seemed to be comfortable except for a little embarrassment!!  :D  And of all things, Hazel had the only food Casey has admitted to NOT liking......Beets!!   Hmmmm, I just wonder how she knew to have beets there!!  Or was it just an amazing coincidence??  He traded them off for some Lima beans!!  And I bet every bit of it was some good viddles right there!!  I just wanted to jump through the screen and pull up a chair myself!!  :)  Check below for all the segments he was in.  :)

Thanks to TCJB for these clips!

Was that the most adorable clips ever?!?!  I just loved them all!!  I just wish there would have been more!!  :)

Here are just a few more pictures from the Kansas City show.....just because I don't think I posted enough!!  :)


 I love this shot of Casey & Bucky!
Cyndee,Jen,Ashley,LaDonna,Glenda (All waiting for the show to start)
 Thanks to Cyndee, LaPaula and Donna for all the above pictures!!

A new show has been added to Casey's schedule, in Knoxville, Tn.!!  Radio station 107.7 WIVK is sponsoring a Charity that will be held at the Cotton Eyed Joe's on December 13th!!   This Concert is benefiting the daughter (Savannah).... of fellow artist, Keith Burns, who was once with the group Trick Pony.  She is suffering from a rare form of leukemia.  Tickets are only $5 at the door & the show starts at 8:30.  This is a fairly large venue, holding 1675 people with standing room all around the stage!  There is also seating available!  Ok, Casey fans, with good planning, one could be on the front of that stage!!   It's just a few days away!!  Hope lots of fans get to go out to see Casey and support a great cause!!

On Friday, Casey's video for LDCIAN made it's debut on GAC in the #11 spot!!!!!  Great job Casey fans!!!!  You did it!!!!!  Let's keep that momentum up!!!  Please remember to cast your 1 vote per day every day and try to get friends and family to help out, since it only takes a second to do it!!  Just send the link to 'em from your smart phone, if ya have one!!  Or link it to them on FB or twitter!  I, for one, would love to see it make it all the way to #1, and I know I'm not alone in this!!!  Can you just imagine the smile on Happy Casey's face if that happened!?!  I have the link to vote on the sidebar on the left.  Click HERE now to place your vote!!  :)

Casey's single is still climbing the charts!!  It came in at #36 on Mediabase charts and #34 with a bullet on the Hot Country charts!!  It is one of the top songs in listener feedback and has been out for 16 weeks!!  So let's just keep filling out those radio song surveys and calling that local radio station and requesting it!!  Also, let's remember to request on the Mediabase request forms, which you'll find at the top of the page, under "Support"  All these things we are doing is working so great for the success of this song!!  And I know Casey would be ecstatic to finally have his first record in the Top 10 of the Country Charts!!  So let's keep it up, we are doing a great job so far!!  :)

Ok, yall....I need to go for now.....  I got my Christmas Cards today, and will be working on them for the next couple of days.  It's colder than a well-diggers booty down here in Texas, and I couldn't be happier!!!  I love the cold weather!!!  :)

Have a good week, I'll be back soon......until then.......

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