Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Journey to see Casey and Bucky in Kansas City, Mo.!

First off, I wanna say that this is a very wonderful, loving bunch of people associated with anything Casey and Bucky!!  I've met so many of the fans from both artists, and my heart is so full of love for all of them!!  It was so good to get to meet some for the 1st time, and know that another friendship was made!

I left Dallas Love Field on Wednesday at 4:30pm heading out to Kansas City, Missouri for a show I had anticipated for almost 2 years now!!  I was finally getting to see Bucky and Casey on the same stage, and I was ecstatic!!!  I was also really excited to meet some new people who are fans of one or the other, or both.
I got into KC about 6 pm and caught a shuttle to Harrah's where I'd be meeting Cyndee, Jesse, & Sherry.  We would be meeting others, the next day.  The hotel staff wouldn't let me in the room, because it was in Cyndee's name, so I just checked my bags with the Bellman and went on to the Casino to see how the penny machines were playing.  I only had about $40 bucks I could spare, so I made it last till they got there.  I didn't win, but the machines let me play some, anyway.   It was a good way to kill some time.  And fun!
About 10:30 they got there, and me and Cyndee played hide and seek on the Casino floor!!  I finally found her, and as she was looking around (for me) I yelled to the right of her about 20ft. away....."Stop!!"  "Don't take another step!!"  Then, in front of everybody, there was a reunion right there on the casino floor!!  :D  Lot's of hugging and laughing going on!!  It was awesome to see my friend again!!  :)

We played on a couple machines together and she ended up doing pretty good on it!  Took some money out.....thats better than I did!!  Oh well, it's all in fun anyway, if ya win......great!!  If ya lose.....oh well.....thats the way it goes sometimes! :)
A little later, got to meet Jess and Sherry.....very sweet girls indeed!!  Enjoyed their company!! :)
Then it was time to head to the only place open and grab a bite to eat before turning in for the night and TRY to get some sleep!  When I'm excited, it is hard for me to sleep!  I keep waking

Ok, it's the next day.....THE DAY I get to see my boys together!!!!!  We left Harrahs and checked in at the hotel close to the Beaumont Club.  We ate some food and dilly dallied around till time to get ready for the show.  We got ready and headed down there just in time to stand outside in the f*r*e*e*z*i*n*g windy night air for what seemed like 2 hours, but I think it was close to about an hour.  Then we were IN!!!  Yay.....warm air!!  We did'nt look anywhere but at the front of that stage and then we were there....right on the front!!  Earlier when we were outside, as I was walking up, I heard my name called real loud.....looked around there was one of my Bucky fan friends right on the front of the line!!  That wasn't unusual, LaPaula is always nearly the 1st in line at any Bucky show!!  :)  It was good seeing her again, and I figured since she lived there, that she would be there!!  So glad she was!!  Then I met Ladonna and her daughter, and saw Jen again!  What sweet little angels they are!!  There were Casey (and Bucky) girls everywhere!!

As we were on the front of the stage, we were all visiting and getting our camera's ready, so I reached in my purse, grabbed the bad boy camera and went to turn it on...... and it was already ON.... :(  The battery was dead.....DEAD!!  I couldn't believe it.....and after a few choice cuss words....I realized there's nothing cussing will do about said......ok, not freaking out......I still have my phone, I can do videos and pics on!!!  No I thought!!  It was charged up problem!!  After taking 5 pictures and 2 was dead.....Dead I tell ya!!!!  What on God's green earth did I do to deserve these catastrophic events on what is my most important show night ever!!!??  *shaking head*  I couldn't believe it.....but I still refused to let it bring me down where I couldn't enjoy the show.....I rose above it, and vowed to have a great time.....regardless!!   Now I had absolutely NO way to take pics or videos...... somebody said it was suppose to happen, so I could enjoy the show!!  :)  That made me smile......ok, I get it now.....So glad everybody around me took videos and pictures!!

James Wesley started off, then Casey, then Bucky and Gloriana last.  They each took turns singing one song, then going to the next artist until all had sang 4 songs each.  Then at the end of the show, they ALL sang together on the Johnny Cash tune....."Folsom Prison Blues" and it was a lot of fun! 

Thanks to Cyndee for her great shots!

Thanks to LaPaula for all her great photos!

Donna C and I at the show! Such a sweet gal!!

Thanks to Donna C for her shots!

I have to throw this one in, just because it is so hilarious!!!  If we laugh at ourselves, it just makes life better!!  It looks like Bucky and I were singing a duet!!!!   So hilarious!!!!  Actually we were laughing!!!  Or I was laughing and he was talking!!  LOL!!!  I'm not exactly sure!!  And I can't wait to print this out and show it to him next time I see him!!!  He's gonna crack up laughing.....I just know it!!!  Hahahaha!  :)

 And after all the laughing and yacking was done......I  decided to take a serious picture.....but he was still laughing!!!  LoL!!!

Thanks Cyndee for these two pics!!

One of the funniest things Bucky said to Casey was this......  Casey had just finished playing DRIVE and the audience was really applauding and clapping, then Bucky said......"Casey, ya play guitar much?"  I know it don't look too funny written out, you'd just have to hear it....and I think maybe somebody got video of him saying it!!  I hope anyway!!  And Bucky also said something.....but I can't remember what he said in the beginning, but it ended on "there was 25 people in front row singing every word to your songs!"  He was talking about Casey's songs!  He really liked Casey....telling me he was GOOD!!!  That made me feel good!!!  He paid a lot of attention to Casey!  I just wish Rocky (Bucky's Twin) would have been there!!  That would have been cool!!!

After Casey mentioned his motorcycle accident, and said he still rode, but don't tell his momma, Bucky invited him out to his place outside of Nashville to go riding on dirt bikes and Four Wheelers!!!  I was thrilled at hearing that, cuz thats all I've ever wanted...... was for them to know each other.....and now they do!!!  I sure hope Casey takes Bucky up on that offer, he will have a great time!!!
 We then headed out to find some food!!  After that, we went back to our hotel, got into some comfy clothes and poured ourselves a drink, opened a package of cookies, went to the beautiful lobby with leather sofa's, and in front of a fireplace.....sat down and totally relaxed for about 3 hours!!  Just chatting and watching that beautiful fire....(you see, I don't have a fireplace....but I LOVE them)  It was so awesome!!     It was a fantastic trip!!!  Even though Casey was feeling really bad, and couldn't come out and visit with us, I think Bucky made up for it because he spent so much extra time with me.  I appreciated him going to find Casey to take just the one picture, if he would.  He went in the room where Casey was seen last,  to ask him to do it, but Casey was already gone.....  :(   He came back, apologized to me, saying that Casey was already gone,  then hugged me, because he knew I wanted the picture so much!!!    He didn't have to do that, but he did....and I thank him for it. My other sweetie.....

Here are some videos from the show.....I don't have all of Casey's or Bucky's yet, but maybe they'll show up soon!   :)

Casey~Love the way you miss me

Bucky~It's good to be us

In all my excitement I haven't said a lot about the other artists!!!    Along with Bucky and Casey were the group "Gloriana" and newcomer "James Wesley"!!  Gloriana was a 4 person group in the beginning, but recently one of their group members, (Cheyenne, I think) dropped out, for unknown reasons to me, so they are now a 3 person group, but they were very good, I enjoyed them!   And, James Wesley is a towering gorgeous guy with this deep toned voice that just melts ya where ya stand!   His song "Real" is just a really great song, and I hope it does well!!    I know he and Casey have been close (their singles) together on the charts!  :)  I just loved all of them!!!  And at the end of the show, they all sang the Johnny Cash tune, "Folsom Prison Blues!!!"  And they did it quite well, to not have any rehearsal time on it.....they just 'winged it' as we know Casey says!!  LoL!!   But here is the video of them all having a great time singing and closing the show on this sing-a-long song!!!

Thanks to cmb7869 for this great video!!

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

Thanks to cmb7869 for this video, and the rest of them.

A Different World~Bucky Covington

Gloriana~ Take You Home With Me

James Wesley~ Real

Ok, yall.....if I find more videos I will post them!  I couldn't find but 2 of Casey's but I'm sure the other 2 are out there somewhere!!  :)  Enjoy some other videos from the other artists!!  Everyone was very talented!!  :)
It was a GREAT experience all in all, and I will never forget it!!!!!  Thanks to all the sweet people for getting me through this!!!  And it was awesome to meet all the new people!!  

Talk to yall soon......until then.....


  1. What a great trip for you, Glenda! Sounds like there was a lot of laughing and having fun. Love the advice the one person gave you to help you deal with the dead battery situation. Yup, sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the show!

  2. Thanks so much for your recap Glenda! I'm so happy for you. I love hearing about Bucky and how great he was with you - you'll catch Casey next time! I'm blown away by James Wesley and his song Real - WOW!! Powerful stuff. Gloriana was great too - such a talented bunch on that stage!

  3. Great recap Glenda, thanks for sharing! Sounds like a wonderful trip and I can appreciate all that laughter and camaraderie among fans who have become fast friends, having experienced it myself now several times. Can't wait for the opportunity to meet you someday!

  4. That's awesome Glenda! Glad you were able to just enjoy the show and not worry with taking a lot of vids. Sorry you didn't get your pic with them both, but it sounds like the whole experience was amazing!! So happy for you!!

  5. Oh Glenda , i did not know you got to go to that concert, im so jealous,LOL but im sure you enjoyed it , that must have been a dream come true for you , thanks so much for posting all these videos , i sure did enjoy them, maybe ill got to go next time .!!

  6. I learned a lesson the hard way. I recorded the first 25 minutes of the concert non stop, uploaded it to Youtube which took forever, and then Youtube blocked it because it was too long. :-( I'm going to have to get some help to see if I can break it up and try to re-load. Seems Glenda and I both had a few camera issues Thursday night. BUT - nothing could take away the joy of seeing these artists on stage together! I wish they'd done more group songs. They wing it SO FINE!!

  7. This show was such a blast! It was clear that Casey was not feeling his best but he of course delivered great performances none the less. I was so glad to make it to this show and it was a highlight to meet you Glenda! As I walked up to the line of waiting anxious n shivering people in line, I immediately saw Cyndee and the reunion hugs began, then I turned to my left and there was Glenda! Hugs again and so awesome to meet you finally! The show was wonderful. Too short but they all are for me. I think it was me that told Glenda that she shouldn't worry about the dead cameras as this way she could fully enjoy the show without the interruption of messing with taking videos n pics. This way she could take it all in! Even though we didn't get to m&g with Casey afterwards, while Glenda n Cyndee were getting some time with Bucky, I felt lucky to find that James Wesley decided to come out for m&g. He was quite an impressive gentleman with values that reminded me of our tall Texan! What a fun time in Kansas City! Time spent with other Casey fan friends made the whole show! Lots of laughs! I know I shall not forget it anytime soon! Thanks again Glenda for doing what you do for Casey! It is so appreciated!

  8. Great recap Glenda, sounds like you had alot of fun seeing your two boys! Bucky is really funny, lol

  9. Wow Glenda! Sounds like an amazing and fun trip! So glad you got to be there for it and enjoy both Bucky and Casey! The videos were just awesome! I loved the sing-along!!! Thank you for sharing! Hoping to see you very soon! Love you!!! xoxoxox

  10. What a great recap, Glenda! Thanks to you for sharing your fun time and for posting all those beautiful photos and videos. (Here's hoping a) Casey feels better soon and b) those machines treat you right and send you home with a little extra cash on your next trip out there. :) Take care!

  11. Hey everybody!! Thanks a bunch!! So glad all of you enjoyed it!! and Buckymania.....thank YOU for stopping by with a comment!! You know how much I love my Bucky!! He was so good to me that night!! He wanted to know why I hadn't been to a show recently! So glad to know he notices those things! Well, how could he not, I was becoming like a piece of furniture or something!! I went to a lot of shows, and this one, I believe was # 37 I'd like to know how many Hildi has been to!! I heard it was way over 100!! What a doll she is!!
    Thanks again everybody!! I had a wonderful time and so glad I got to go!!!