Thursday, November 3, 2011

Casey's Concert Schedule is filling up again, pretty quick!  Four shows have been added in the last few days!!  The first is on November 17th at the Dixie Roadhouse located at 1023 SE 47th Terrace, in Cape Coral, Florida.  This is a show sponsored by Cat Country 107.1 WKCT in Ft. Myers, Florida!  Sounds like a party place for sure, so hope a bunch can get out and support Casey!

 The next new show added to the ever growing list is in Kansas City, Missouri on December 1st at the Beaumont Club, located at 4050 Pennsylvania Ave. in Kansas City, Mo.  You can win tickets by listening to sponsoring radio station 106.5 The Wolf!  This is their 3rd annual Christmas show benefiting the Salvation Army!  And.... this is a very special show for yours truly....because BOTH MY BOYS ARE THERE!!!!!!!  MY DREAM SHOW....CASEY AND BUCKY ON THE SAME STAGE & IN A PICTURE WITH MUAH!!!!!!!!  As soon as I saw Bucky and Casey both on the bill, I couldn't help myself.....I set right to work on making this show happen for myself!!  And I must say, I've never known the outpouring of love I've felt from so many of Casey's fans!!!  I just had to be a very sniffling  mess for a while yesterday!!  It seemed everybody was telling me I HAD to go to this show, if there ever was a perfect show for me, this was it, they couldn't imagine this show happening with me NOT being there....and just all kinds of well wishes and support for me!!  And I want to THANK every one of you for being so kind and cheering me on about this show!!!  It is truly a blessing, because every single thing fell into place.....from the sale on the flights, to having a little extra cash this week, to friends coming to share a hotel with me the ticket I will have in my hand before long!!  It all happened with absolutely NO snags....that's when ya know....there had to be a little help from the man upstairs!!  :)  Oh my I go again.....tearing up....ahhhhh.....I gotta quit it!!!  I know I have to get hold of myself, because I don't want to do this in front of them!!  I can't do it in front of them!!  But this is something I've wanted for a long time....I love both of these boys and just being in the same room as them will make my whole year!!!  :)  I can't wait for this show!!!  I'm so excited!!  :)  And I get to meet a few more fans I haven't had the pleasure of meeting, so a group picture is definitely in the plans!

Now....on to the other shows....For our East coast fans there's 2 and here's one on  December 3rd in Raleigh, NC at the Longbranch, located at 608 Creekside Dr.  This is sponsored by radio station WQDR  94.7 and it's their QDR Christmas Wish Concert!  A donation of $10 or more gets you in the door!

And the last new show is in Virginia Beach, Virginia on December 14th at the Knuckleheads Roadhouse.  Radio station US 106.1 is sponsoring this event, and Casey is part of their Rising Star Concert Series!

There ya go!! Lots of shows coming up in various places!  I hope a lot of Casey Fans get to go out for a good cause and support Casey at the same time.....that's definitely a WIN-WIN situation!!  :)

Here is something fun!!  This is a really important Music Survey from Country station  99.9 Coyote Country in Spokane, Wa.  It's pretty quick and you can do it with different emails and when you are done with the survey, make sure you rate Casey's song!! you're going thru the survey, make sure that Casey gets your highest score!

I want to remind everybody, keep up on all those requests, Casey's song is climbing the charts and we are doing an awesome job for him!!  Call your local radio station and request Casey's song once a day if possible, and click the link at the top of the page that says Support and click on the Mediabase links I have posted there to request his song.  Everyone is doing such a great job with this single!!!  Oh and remember to LIKE the radio stations Facebook Pages and Thank them when they play Casey's song!!

Also now that Casey's song is in the Top 40 you can also listen to Bob Kingsleys top 40 Countdown and hear it played on Sundays!  It comes on at different times, so just check when it's on in your area by clicking the link above.  Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Find CT 40 near you".  Click and enjoy his show, it's always really good!!

And I'll leave you tonight with a of my favorites!!!  Big Thanks to B.Keener for this beauty!!  He looks Stunning!!!

Yall remember to VOTE at the Poll up at the top of this page for what YOU think Casey's 'Untitled' song should be named!!

Ok, well, I think I'm about done with all that I can think of anyway!!  I'll be back when there's more!!!!  yall take care.....See ya on Twitter!!!

Until Next Time.....

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