Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Shows....contest much more!!

Hey everybody!!!  I know, it's been a few days since I've posted anything, but I have been a busy little bee lately!!   It's good to have the **CASEYMANIA** on Facebook page, it keeps things rolling along, when I don't post here for a few days!!  If you're reading this and you haven't yet "LIKED" the page, click the link above and just click LIKE at the top of the page when you get there!!  We try to keep up with all that's going on in Casey's world!!
And speaking of that....Casey's single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night" is doing pretty good on the Mediabase charts!  I took it upon myself to get a screen cap since I finally learned how to do it with my smart phone....that's smarter than me, most time!  :D And this picture is quite impressive, and so nice to see it with your own eyes, where he sits among all those superstars!!  Doesn't that look sweet setting nicely on #39 with a bullet!!  That means it's climbing the charts....and always good!!!   He did get passed by a bigger star which put him back to #39 from #38, and Keith Urban is right behind him, and will probably be passing him as well, but thats normal, since Casey is a new artist.  This is a rolling chart, so it may be different tomorrow....we shall see!!  By the way....ya see my little AT&T on the screen and that one little bar....thats because I live in the sticks and sometimes I can't even get that!  But at least I'm 100% charged up, just in case!!  lol....

Well, it's official....Christian Kane won the Boy's of Fall Contest  put on by WSOC 103.7 radio station!  Casey's fans were out in force though, with an impressive 18, 471 votes for him!!!  I always knew Casey had a strong fan base....but this just blew me away!!!  I am so proud of every person who put their time and effort into this for Casey!!  Maybe he didn't win, but now more people know that Casey has a very strong and dedicated bunch of Fans....who stand by their man!!!  :)  And face it.....he can't win everything.....that would get boring.....but a close race like this, is always so much or lose!!!  :)

We have to keep Casey alive in the CMT Pure 12 Pack!!  He was in 3rd place with the last voting tally, and we have until midnight tonight to vote for him.  I also have this link on the sidebar all the time here at Caseymania!  So let's get him to #1 again like the first week!!

And of course, while we're on the subject of CMT lets remember to keep voting for Casey's video, on  CMT Top 20 Countdown because this week we should see it on the countdown!!  If not, lets not get frustrated....let's just keep on keeping on!!   Did I just say that???!!!  Thats just so old fogey!!  :D's a bit confusing how it all works, but voting for this Friday's show ended last Sunday night at midnight.  Now....we are voting for NEXT weeks show!!  I's making me crazy!!  But I think I got it now!!  Thing is....keep voting and watch Friday morning on CMT at 10am CT, but check your schedule and see what time it comes on in your area.  Fingers crossed!!

I am going to do something a little different....I'm going to go ahead and post this....but I have more coming!  I have to get supper ready and.....we got a cold front moving in right now!!  It feels so good outside!!  Yall come back after while and I will be adding another post with more news!!!

That new post is actually ABOVE this one....sorry.....

Come on back now!!!   :)

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  1. i will keep voting for Casey as long as he's there to vote for! in my book he's the best thing since Elvis! Every song he does amazes my heart! never get tired of listening to his music. thanks for keeping up this beautiful place to come. to see about him. really appreciate it<3