Saturday, November 12, 2011

Casey Live at Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville for MOC Anniversary!!

Wow!!!  What a great show in Nashville tonight!!  I was fortunate enough to get to watch a Live Ustream of the whole show.....Meet and Greets and all!!!  It was fantastic!!!  Great big THANKS going out to Val & Kevin Nixa from @NixaCountry radio for streaming the whole thing for us live!!!
Tonights show was the 4th Anniversary of the Musicians on Call.  An organization that goes to hospitals and such playing and singing their music for sick people who cannot get out to see live shows.  Casey said tonight, this is what he used to do back home in Ft. Worth with his mother, Debra.  They would play various nursing homes and hospitals to bring some cheer to the ailing.  That is so Casey!!  Always giving....  He mentioned in the very beginning, that THE ALBUM IS DONE!!!  His words exactly!!  He said he only needed to do one more chorus or verse, not exactly sure what he said, but he also said it is ok for him to now tell us, the Album will be out in February!!!  Yay!!!  I'm so excited to get my hands on that album!!

Casey started off the night with a meet and greet with the fans.  He gave hugs and chatted away with all of them.  Here is the live M&G by @NixaCountry.

Casey's M&G with Fans

This is the setlist of songs he sang, in order they were sang:

The Good Life

Let's Don't Call It A Night
Everybody thinks that she's still Mine
Love the way you miss me
Shine your Shoes

Small Town Saturday Night

Then the next three links are of Casey performing his 8 song set!  He said his Momma asked him to sing "The Good Life" as his first song.  And he gladly obliged!!  Saying it was fitting of the celebration of MOC.  Great song!!

Casey James performance Part 1

Casey James performance Part 2 

Casey James performance Part 3

Before he started singing the 'Untitled' song, he said  he was gonna do "Love the Way You Miss Me", or "Miss Me When I'm Gone"....... Yes!!  Then he said it was ON THE ALBUM!!!   I'm so happy to hear was many others, I'm sure!!  There we have it.....straight from the horses mouth, as they say down's down to 2 choices now!!  And seems to me that the 1st one may be the one he likes best, only because he said it first!!  Speaking of which....the poll  I had here on the blog for 2 weeks, ended yesterday with "Love the Way You Miss Me" winning out in a big way over the other titles, with a whopping 56% of the votes!!  Thanks to all who participated in the poll!!

Here is a beautiful picture tweeted by Debra (@bybeedjames  Thank you so much for this....we appreciate it girl!

Thanks to Melanie S. for her awesome shots from the show!

Casey and Melanie S. in Meet & Greet.

That's all I have right now, this has been a day of struggle....a bit of sadness....but tomorrow is another day.....

Until then.....

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  1. Love that update - thank you all for contributing to it.... and for posting it... Casey looks so happy with his Mom... I'm so glad she got to see him there. I am hoping that album can get cut before Christmas - it would really help his sales...
    Kathy Terry