Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More from CMA week in Nashville....

Wow!!  Well, this is what we wanted.....and boy is it ever happening!!!  Casey is being interviewed by some of the biggest names in the business!!!  Crook and Chase??   Blair???  This is amazing for his career!!!   The more people who get to see and hear him talk about his single and other things, the better!!  There is more today!  So look below and you'll find more interviews, and get ready to laugh....because some are hilarious!!  And, I may have to start posting smaller posts as they come in, I can't keep up any other way....I get too far behind.

WQIK out of Jacksonville, Fl. interviewed by Toni, had a nice informative interview.  Casey says he still has to 'mind' his momma! :)  Gotta love it!! lol....And.....Casey puts to rest the rumors about lip syncing in the groups songs on Idol!

Woody & Zuko of WCOL in Columbus, Ohio, were in a rip-roaring laugh-fest with Casey!!  They ask what Casey uses on his hair, & when Casey doesn't want to disclose that information, they's a girlie product.....mane and tail?  I love this fun!!  Lot's of Casey Laugh out Loud's!!!

Casey attended the 59th annual BMI Country Awards last night, in Nashville, Tn.  And here is a shot from the Red Carpet!  Casey looks nice in Blue....

Here are some more photos from CMA week!

More Photos from CMA Week

WPOC 93.1 in Baltimore wants to know your 'Most Wanted' song!!  I thought Casey's song was on this list....but it is you have to write him in.....go to the bottom of the page and you'll see directions to send an email to do it!  If we all write him in, they may just put him on the list!  :)  Click >   Most Wanted Vote Chart to cast your vote for Casey!!

Ok, I'm out of here for a while.....if anything else comes through I'm probably going to go ahead and just post it, because it takes too long when I have a bunch all together!!  :)

Until then.......

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