Thursday, November 17, 2011

Casey James at Dixie Roadhouse in Cape Coral FL. tonight & a stop by US 103.5 radio staion!

Casey is in Cape Coral, Florida today, for a show at the Dixie Roadhouse, sponsored by radio station Cat Country 107.1.   The station advertises this as a FREE show, that starts at 6:00 EST, so if your in the area and can get there, by all means, please do!!  It's located at 1023 SE 47th Terrace, Downtown Cape Coral, Florida.  And the phone # is.... 239-541-7900

Earlier today, Casey dropped by radio station US 103.5 in the Tampa area to do a 4 song set which was streamed LIVE and you can listen to it HERE.   They also did us all a huge favor by making videos of the whole set, which will be available later on today.   (( UPDATE:  I haven't been able to get the videos as yet.))   As Casey chatted between songs, he divulged he had recorded 14 songs, of which only 10 will make the album!   And Casey, along with his label, is now faced with making the difficult decision of which songs to choose.  If I were Casey, I would not want to have to make that decision, since every song he has unveiled for us has been a beautiful description of who Casey is as an artist!!  Who he is, comes through very well in his songs! 
We have a fan who was in the audience at the radio station's Best Buy Theater to witness first hand Casey's performance this morning.  Thanks to Debbie I. for her very nice pictures of Casey, sporting the hair pulled back look.  today!

Wait!!!  Is that the 'man bun'?   I can't really tell from these pictures, but I know there are a lot of fans of the man bun!!  I like the way Casey's face seems to be so ..... well, for lack of a better word.....perfect!!  Although we all know he is not, but he comes darn close, I think!  :)

I hope many fans come out to support Casey tonight.....I know Mickey from the Casey E James Fan Club on Facebook, will be there, along with others!  So if ya get a chance go by and say Hi to her!

I listened in on the last minute conference call and it was very CLEAR!!  Thanks so much Sara for calling in for us!!  The crowd was wild again!!!!  And singing along very loud!!!  That made me so very happy to hear people singing the lyrics to a lot of his music that came from his heart!!
There was quite a bit of talking in between songs, but it's difficult for me to understand his words, but his music comes thru loud and clear!  I did hear people yelling for him to sing "Never Walk Away"  But he didn't sing it.  His set list was once again, built around the crowd he had in front of him!!  The shows are never the same!!  And I love that about him!!  So many of the artists today do the same show over and over before changing things around.  Casey's show is different every time...and me is golden!!  Who does that??  That's another of the things that sets him apart from everyone else.  It's like he custom builds every show for you!  Love it!!!  Here is his set list for tonight!

So High
Crazy Tonight

The Good Life
Shine your shoes

Love the way you miss me

Small town Saturday night
Polk Salad Annie

Let's Don't Call it A Night

Nearly all of those songs are upbeat, pretty fast songs!!  And the crowd was loving every one of 'em!!!  :)

Ok, I was about to shut my computer down, when the familiar *DING* rung out from my phone!!  I knew's Casey!!   Yep, he had 2 twitter parties today!!  They were small ones,but parties just the same.  Tonight's was about 15 or 20 minutes long, and he tweeted me, which I actually wasn't talking TO him, I was talking to a friend, and his name was in the convo too, so he just answered me...... :D

Glenda Jordon

Thanks darlin!!! Im surprised hes on a tall stool!!! :)

Casey Everett James

yeah I don't like the tall stools. I can't stomp the floor or move as much on one.

Haha!!  I knew he didn't like those high stools for that reason!!  He's a musician....I've never seen one that don't like to stomp the floor on the high energy songs!!  :)  And it's obviously impossible to do on one of those!!  Ok, I'm a happy gal.  He answered way too many questions tonight for me to try to go through, but if you can read his timeline, and look at the 'in reply to' tweets, you'll have the question and answer!  :)
He told one tweeter that there were 4 songs on the album, that we had not heard.  I knew there had to be some, but I didn't know how many.  Still not sure how many of his original songs will be on the album though....

First pictures of the night are in!!!  The first is a cool group of fans, and since I'm not sure of the girl on the far right....I'm not going to name them.....but I do know the rest of them!!  :)  I'll correct this tomorrow, when I get her name.  I think it's Beth, but I'm not sure, so I'll wait till tomorrow! :)

Thanks to Darla S for her great shots!
Ok, that's all I have for tonight, hopefully tomorrow we will have video, so check back often!  :)

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