Saturday, November 19, 2011

Casey James plays Lakeland, FL. at the Music Ranch

Finally!  I'm able to set down and get this show posted!!  I've been up to my ears in things to do around my house and in town, so I'm late!!  So here we go!

From what I gather, Casey was a little late getting on stage, about 7:15 or so when he walked on stage.  And the crowd was enthusiastic to say the least!!!  They were ready for some Casey!!  There were lots of fans there, ready to sing along with every song they knew, and he looked happy as a bug in a rug!!  :) 
He started off his 9 song acoustic set with one that is becoming a fan favorite, a Tab Benoit cover....called "So High."   I myself had not heard of this song before Casey sang it, and I have to say, it is a very good song!!  I love the way Casey puts his own spin on it too!!   He followed that with one he wrote about this bar he used to play at in Texas, called "Crazy Tonight."  He then sang my personal favorite, (well, one of them) "The Good Life," and then one of his older originals, "Shine Your Shoes."  Then, he went into the best song he's ever written, (in my opinion), the beautiful, until recently, "untitled" song called "Love the way you miss me."  Ok, I have to admit.....that one's my favorite!!   Then he sang the crowd pleasing, toe tappin' "Small Town Saturday Night."  He then went into the well known "Polk Salad Annie".....with his guitar being wailed upon!!  I almost feel sorry for the poor instrument.... but love the results he gets!!  He followed that with the newer arrangement of "Drive."   I'm still trying to figure out how his fingers move so quickly up and down the neck of that guitar!!!  Excellent work.....just amazing!!   He ended the night with his Top 40 single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night."    Here is the setlist.....

So High
Crazy Tonight
The Good Life
Shine your Shoes
Love the way you miss me
Small Town Saturday Night
Polk Salad Annie

Let's Don't Call It A Night

I don't have the actual embedded link to put here for the video that was posted, so I'm gonna try this and see if it works!  Click the song title link.  I tried it...and it works!!!

Thanks to Melinda T. for this awesome video!!

Let's Don't Call It A Night

That's the only video for right now, I'm looking for more!!  So if you have more videos on youtube or vevo, and would like to share, please message me here in the comments area or on FB!

I do have some very nice pictures that just came thru recently!!!  Check these out!!

 Courtesy of Mickey...Thanks!
 Thanks again Mickey!
 And once again....Thanks Mickey!!
 Thanks to Melinda!

 Courtesy of Michelle!!
And again...Thanks to Michelle!!
Thanks this one!  What a smile!

Videos coming....

Love the way you Miss Me

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Shine Your Shoes

The Good Life

Polk Salad Annie


Thanks to shellbell93 for all her great videos!!
Ok, I didn't post all of them, there is the majority of them!  Ok, well, it looks like Casey doesn't have a show scheduled until my show up in Kansas City, so I'm not gonna be on here a lot, but if some really great news comes through, you can count on me....I'll get it posted here!!  Yall don't forget to vote everywhere you can, and request....request.....request at your local radio station!!  :)

Yall have a good week....take care

Until next time....

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