Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Back....New show, videos & pics & Casey performs in California tomorrow!

Hey my peeps!!  How goes it?!  I'm good, glad to be back online!  And I'm not sure it's even gonna stay working for me!  I hope it lasts for a while anyway!

Casey has a new show!  And it's in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 20th!!  Radio station WKLB Country 102.5 will have Casey playing their New Artist Spotlight, at Ned Devine's Irish Pub!  It's located in the Historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace!  Click on the radio station link above and scroll down to RSVP for this show.  You will be entered into a drawing to win a $200 gift card for Ned Devines!  Well..... getting to see Casey AND getting everything paid for....what a great deal!!!  I hope one of Casey's fans wins it!!  So happy for all the East Coast Casey Fans!!  

Casey was featured in the October 10th issue of Country Weekly Magazine!!  He has a full page spread in the "Who's New" section!  In it, he talks about the new single, and writing with Kristian Bush, among other things!  Pick up your copy soon, before they're all gone!!

 It's so good to see him in these magazines!  I will get one and take it to be signed, and keep it as a souvenier.

While I was offline, I missed 3 shows.  So I'll just do a quick
 run through and highlight the best of each show.

First up was the show in Isle of Palms, S.C. at the Windjammer, and it was sponsored by 96.9 the Wolf radio station!  He played a riveting 10 song set with the band, to a welcoming crowd!!  

   Thanks to @haveaniceday711

Thanks to 96.9 the Wolf radio

Thanks to Marsha Trowbridge Ardila
I can't find any videos for that show for some reason.

The next show was the show at the Eagle's Nest Rockin' Country Bar in Chesapeake, Virginia.  It was part of 97.3 The Eagle's Up Close and Personal concert series.  He sang an acoustic 12 song set, and pulled out a few songs we hadn't heard in a while!

Thanks to 96.7 The Eagle radio station

And here are some videos from the night

Old Love~Thanks to @gaily_e

Always~Thanks to @amyesmith9

Untitled (as yet)~Thanks to pamrichva

Ok, yall, here is the last show that I missed.....and let me tell you right now.....if you were in the Jacksonville, Florida audience on October 1st, you were fortunate enough to witness a fun-loving Casey playing a cool game with his keyboard player, Billy, and all the while never missing a note on either of their instruments!!  I would have given anything to be in that audience and seen the whole thing go down!!!  It was a side to Casey we had not yet witnessed..... but when the news broke, to those of us not there,we ALL loved it!  And it was just so 'out there' for Casey, I think we were all in a bit of shock about it....even though we loved it!  I'll case you are reading this, and haven't heard about it.....
I believe Billy started the whole thing, when he and Casey were laughing at one another, or 'with' one another about what.....I don't know, but it must have been funny because they kept up this grinning and smiling and laughing as Billy slid off of his stool and kept playing, then Casey squats down, as if to sneak over toward Billy, then as Billy slides on to the floor, Casey then follows suit and sets down on the floor, then slowly lays down on his back, all the while never missing a lick on his guitar!!!  He was so emersed in his music and just having fun, he just was rolling with whatever his heart desired, at that moment!!  They were having a great time, and the audience seemed to enjoy it as much as they did....and you will too, if you haven't seen this video!!  Take a look at this.....the whole thing goes down as they are playing "Drowning on Dry Land".

Drowning on Dry Land~Thanks to shellbelle93


Use Me~Thanks to shellbelle93

Let's Don't Call It A Night~Thanks to shellbelle93

Untitled~Thanks to shellbelle93

I have to say again......I know I'm really sounding like a broken record here, but that 'Untitled' song which I like to call "Love the Way You Miss Me" is absolutely taking over my thinking process!!  All I hear is that beautiful song playing over and over in my head!!!  He just 'HAS' to release that as a single.....he just has to.....I just love that song, and so are a lot of other people!!!  It's getting some rave comments from fans and I could see that one going all the way to the top for Casey!!  So let's keep our fingers crossed that it makes the album and gets released as a single!!  I hope they all go #1 and they release 6 or 7 off the first album!!!!  Most of the time, that doesn't happen, but Taylor Swift had 5 singles in the Top 40 off her debut self titled album, and 13 songs off her 2nd album Fearless in the Top 40, and 5 of them were singles!  That gal has done some major accomplishments in the short 5 years she's been producing albums.  She sold over a million albums the first week of the release of her 3rd Album, Speak Now.  It's hard to believe it's only been 5 years.  And Casey can accomplish that too!  I believe he can do it!  :)  I believe in him....

I gotta tell yall something....this morning I was asleep and was jolted awake by a loud thud at the foot of my bed!  Startled I sat up, looked around and noticed my female Boxer's legs laying straight behind her, like she was stretched out.  I called her name, no movement, so I jumped from the bed, grabbed her up and she was lifeless.....absolutely limp!!  I screamed and picked her up and began jostling her around, noticing that her eyes were glazed over!  I thought she was dead, and I was losing it!!  Yall know where I'm coming from, a lot of you have pets that are like your children, and she is like mine, and I panicked, not knowing what to do, totally terrified!  After about 30 seconds, I felt her start to move a little with me, and try to stand.  She was weak, but she looked at me with so much love in her eyes, as if to say, "Help me momma"!  I still cry just writing this....I held her and loved her, realizing she had had a seizure.  She has had 2 other ones that I witnessed and the Vet told me they had to take blood very soon after the seizure to determine if that's what it was.  She hasn't had one in a year, so when it happened I told my husband, and we're taking her to the Vet in the morning.  Will let yall know how that goes.

I'll be back later today to talk about Casey's show tonight in Camp Pendleton, California!

Until next time......


  1. So glad you are back on line, you do such a great job keeping us informed on all things Casey! I hope your dog is going to be alright. I know what you mean about them being like your children,and I wish you well with your baby. Thanks again for all your hard work,you are truly appreciated!!~~Lori Crowl

  2. Oh my gosh Glenda. How scary! Hope all is ok! What's your Boxer's name again? Wasn't he bit by a snake awhile back?

  3. Hi Sweetie! Now I'm having computer issues! Just read the lastest posts and I thank you! Great photos from the shows too! I haven't been to an all acoustic show by Casey James yet but I can't wait to see that. The videos you posted were awesome it made me feel like I was there!

    How is Brandy doing? What is the latest? I have been praying ever since I read this because you know what doggies mean to me!!! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and know that I love you!!!! xoxoxoxo

  4. Thanks so much yall!! I feel so lost without my internet! Lori, your a doll, thanks hun!! Cyndee...this one is Brandy, and her son, Rocky was the one that was bitten by the copperhead about 4 times. But he's been bit again (in 2 places)since then, and the other male boxer (Brody) too! He got bit on the lip this time, and a couple months ago he got bit on the chin. Yea, I'm pretty sure they're immune to them now....they don't even get sick when they get bit! They just swell up a little where they were bit, then it's gone within 48 hours. Stranges thing ever! Haha!
    Oh Darla...I hope you dont have your issue any longer....geeezz whats up with that I wonder? I think Mercury must be in retrograde, cause I can't do anything right, and stuff is just going wrong, with me and everybody around me too! Then my dishwasher went out yesterday...and we just got the dryer fixed....can't catch a break lately! If it's not one thing, it's 500 others! Geeezzzz louise!! :-) :-/
    Thank you so much for all the prayers for Brandy, she does have heartworms, and we're starting her treatment on Friday, then a month later she has to stay with them a week while they do the rest of the treatments. About $750 worth, but it's the only way to save her life, without it,she's as good as gone. So, we love her so much, we couldn't dream of not doing it. Thanks again for the prayers! love and hugs to yall!!