Saturday, October 8, 2011

Casey James performs at Camp Pendleton at "A Concert that Cares"

Casey was at Camp Pendleton, California tonight, doing "A Concert That Cares" and sharing the headlining title with Kellie Pickler.  He took the stage a little after 7:30 pm to a warm and welcoming crowd.  I listened in on the BEST conference call I've ever been on!!  Thanks to Cecil (@blues4me4ever) for this most crystal clear call!!  It was also recorded by The Casey James Blog, so click the link if you would like to hear it for yourself!  This awesome event was co-sponsored by Go Country 105 and Operation Gratitude.

Casey sang and played a most exciting 8 song set, to a very appreciative bunch who cheered and gave lots of applause after every song!! 

(Untitled)-Love the way you miss me 

The Good Life
Shine Your Shoes

Let's Don't Call It A Night
Polk Salad Annie
Oh Well

Here are a few videos from that night, and you can hear the fans sining the songs with him and his smiles as he's noticing they are singing with him!  That is something an artist loves so much.... it tells them that you love what they are doing!!

Let's Don't call it a Night


The Good Life


Thanks to msverucas (@CaseysCrew205) for her awesome videos!

Casey made more fans in Camp Pendleton!!  Here is a tweet from one of them now!!  :)

Michael L. Smith

I'm taking photos of for He's a tremendous artist!

And here is 2 of his photos!!

Michael said >>> "Casey is in his dressing room singing!"  "That's AWESOME!!"
Haha!!  That is awesome Michael!!!  Thanks!!

For those of you who want to, I would appreciate prayer and good thoughts for my sweet little female boxer, Brandy.  She had to have a growth removed today, and is still in the hospital.  She'll be home tomorrow with new medicine for the seizures.  He thinks she may also have heartworms.  My heart is so sad about this, but treatment is available.  Will know more tomorrow.....yall remember my baby....with your thoughts and prayers, please.... :(



  1. Sending well wishes for your four-legged friend:)

  2. Such a sweet picture of your "baby". I have had many dogs and have 4 housecats and about 10 ferals that I feed. I send prayers and well wishes for Brandy. Genilu

  3. Brandy's fortunate to have someone like you to comfort her and seek medical treatment for her condition. I'm sure Brandy says it all with those big beautiful eyes. Hope all went well with the treatment and the medication works.

  4. Thanks so much yall, for the very sweet words. Well, it's confirmed, she has heartworms.... and the seizures are caused by it! The treatment is very expensive, but they are gonna work with us on payments. But it will save her life. Without it, her days are numbered...and we couldn't stand the thought of that, so next month she goes in for the week long treatment. Her leg looks great& healing quickly, but she has to wear that stupid 'hat' and they have the string around her neck, attached to the hat so tight it's difficult not to just cut it off! She can't even eat crunchy food, because it gets stuck in her little throat and she nearly chokes! I'm still thinking about re-doing the whole thing with another string. I have to soak her hard dog food with milk for a few hours to get it soft so she can swallow it without choking! That scares the crap out of me! I can't stand it. If my husband hadn't stopped me, I would have cut it off last night when she was choking. Instead, I stuck my finger in between the string and her skin letting her have room to swallow. Then I cried for 30 minutes because I feel it's my fault for not getting things checked out sooner. Vet fees are so expensive & it's hard to come up with 3 or 4 hundred dollars at the snap of a finger. So things were put on hold, and now we are regretting it. Thank yall, for the prayers!! I appreciate it so much!! :-) I'll keep yall posted.

    PS...Anon 6:52 Yes, those eyes of hers makes you fall in love with her! She looks like she's saying I need help momma, or I love you. She's just an angel, so much like a little human. :)

  5. Glenda sweetie don't beat yourself up about this! I know how much you love those babies and we do everything we can for them, but sometimes it's hard enough just to pay the bills much less have any extra for emergencies! That's wonderful that you have a loving and caring Vet that will work with you on the payment and care enough about getting Brandy well! That's the main thing right now and I'm so happy that she will get the treatment she needs.... I'm sure she will pull through this just fine!

    Love you and praying for you and your baby! xoxo