Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Casey James rocks Modesto, Ca. Girls Night Out!!

I'm still in the process of gathering information about this show from Modesto, California, but check back soon for details!

Casey took the stage at Fat Cat Music House and Lounge at about 9:30 tonight for an acoustic show, celebrating Girls Night Out, along with sponsoring  radio station KAT 103It is all part of the station's Kat Country Cares Concert series and all the proceeds are going to benefit the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!!  I just love all this different cancer support during the month of October!  It's awesome!!

I listened in on a very clear conference call and the only part I have trouble hearing is when he's talking, but the rest was great!!  Thanks to Cecil for calling in so the rest of us could enjoy the show as well!!  Here is a couple tweets from @marieleathem1

Marie Leathem
Hair is down....shirt he had on in Boston.

Marie Leathem
I just got a Casey hug...poked my head in the door to give him the cookies..."hey how are (cont)

Marie Leathem
Just got to go in for the M&G, Casey said "Hey Marie, how ya doin?" Yeppers. My name. Then I told him we'd ee him tmrw & Friday but I'm not stalking him....he rubbed my back and laughed. Cute.

Thanks Marie for all your tweets, keeping us 'in the know' about all the goings on there!!  So glad to hear you got your Casey Hug and....he remembered your name!!  :)

I have to say right now.....that was one loud and wild crowd tonight all cheering and whistling and clapping before during and after every song!!  Wooo hooo!!  Everyone seemed to be having a blast!!  One person even yelled out....."I Love You!!!" and in his sweet little way, he yelled....."love ya too!!"   So precious..... when he does things like that, it tells me he is so grounded and grateful....not at all thinking he is better than anyone else....he's just a good ole' boy from Texas!! :)  One who doesn't even know how great he is!!  But that kind of attitude is exactly what he will keep as he gains more and more fame.  I don't think he'll ever see himself as a star!!  But we all know better....he'll always be our star, no matter what the future holds for him!  :)

It's still a little early for pictures or videos, but I'm sure some will be coming in either later tonight or tomorrow sometime!
He sang an 8 song set and I don't think he had to ask the crowd once...."Are yall still with me?"  LoL!!!  They were loving what he was doing, and I can't wait to see everything from that show!!
Below is the set list in the order he sang each song:

"Love the way you Miss Me"....(actually the 'untitled' song)

"The Good Life"

"Let's Don't Call it a Night"

"Shine Your Shoes"

"Jailhouse Blues"

"The Rock"


"Polk Salad Annie"

Ok yall, I'll be back with all the goodies as soon as they are in!!  So check back soon!!  :)

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