Friday, October 28, 2011

Casey James performs a noontime show in San Jose, Ca. plus more....

Casey played an Acoustic, intimate, little show today at Neto's Market & Grill, sponsored by 95.3 KRTY radio station, in San Jose, California!!  There wasn't a huge crowd of people there and so the Casey fans were able to get close to the stage, and enjoy another great show by Casey!  There is still not a lot of talk about the show, that I can find, but there were at least 3 videos gotten, and I'll post them.  There was a conference call of the show, but I wasn't able to participate in this one!
Here is his 9 song setlist....and yep, you guessed it.....another very unique show!  He's really good at'll never see a carbon copy of the same another um.....ain't gonna happen!  His shows are as unique as he is!!  You never know what to expect!!  :)


I'm Over You

Love The Way You Miss Me (or...untitled song)


The Rock

The Good Life

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Why I'm Feeling Blue

Polk Salad Annie

Ok, how surprised are yall that he played Satisfied and Why I'm Feeling Blue at this show!  How long has it been since we've heard the 1st one??  I know I don't know....and I love his rendition of Satisfied!!!  Beautiful....just breathtaking!!  And who can say a bad word about the's just amazing what he does with this song!!

Ok, here's the videos I have for ya.....and some of my favorites!!!  :)

(Untitled) Love the Way you Miss me


Let's Don't Call It A Night

Great big thanks to TiffBenton for these 3 videos!

I want to talk, for a minute about a couple things.  I have moved Caseymania into the 21st century and it is now on Facebook!!  I'm very excited about this so please click the link below and 'LIKE' the page to stay up with all things Casey James!  I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I was struggling with the fact of 'needing' to do it or not.  And I think it was time.... and we've had a great response!  When you 'like' the page, remember the number that you are, because it may be beneficial to you in the future.  You can get your # by counting the people on the sidebar.  I guess I could do the same thing with your name.....right?   Hmmm I may do away with the number thing.....but, anyway, I'm gonna do something fun later on, when I get the first 200 people who like the page.  I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head, so what are ya waiting for....let's LIKE Caseymania on Facebook!!

Casey has been tweeting some, here lately, and a couple days ago he tweeted this absolutely ADORABLE picture to us!  It is a picture sent to him from the Kids at St. Jude!  Yall might remember when Casey was part of Country Cares and visited the children at the  Memphis hospital in January of this year.  Country Cares is a fundraiser made up of Country Music Stars, started by Alabama frontman, Randy Owens, many years ago.  If YOU would like to make a donation in Casey's name, you can do so by clicking the link above, (Country Cares).
We have all been voting for Casey's video on the CMT show Top 20 Countdown".  Voting begins on Monday's at 11am and closes the following Sunday at midnight.  The new show will first air on Friday at 10am central time, and then repeats several times throughout the week.  I don't know if it made it onto this weeks show, but lets watch it and see.  It says on the website you only get one vote, but if you vote again, it thanks you for the, I'm not sure if we can or cannot vote more than once, but I vote more, just in case I can! :)  At the present Casey's fans are relentless and he stands strong at #1!!  But I don't know if he was at #1 on Sunday, when voting ended.  If we can just keep him in that spot a few more days, he should debut his new video on the show at a very impressive #1, that is if he doesn't make it on this weeks show!!!!!  If that doesn't get him some attention, I don't know what will!!  :)

Also, another vote we need to get in for Casey is the CMT Pure 12 Pack, where Casey's video made #1 last week!!!!  So yall keep up the good work and let's keep Casey in that #1 spot where he belongs!!  :)

And one more thing before I go....Please remember to call your local radio station daily and request Casey's song!!  It's so important to keep his single moving up the charts!  He had made it into the Top 40 last Sunday, and by Monday was at #38, but I'm afraid that might be because of a couple of songs dropping off the list, or other going recurrent.  He may not have that bullet, which I think....means that it's on it's way up....still moving up the charts.  I'm not real savvy on all this radio jargon but I think thats what it means!  So by requesting and getting it played, we can keep it moving up with a bullet, which is GOOD!!!  lol....  

Casey has one more show, it's in Sacramento, California later tonight!  It's at the Doubletree Hotel, and part of KNTY 101.9 radio's 6th  Howl-o-ween Concert!  Doors open at 8:00pm and the show starts at 9:00.  Also at the gig with Casey are Bomshel, Ty Stone, Amber Hayes and The Farm.  This, sounds like a very cool show!!!  And....since it's a Halloween show, I'll post this awesome photo somebody made from Casey's Vampire scenes on the AI Ford commercial!!  I love this!!!!

Ok, yall....I'm tired and I need to get out of here....but remember, vote, request, and 'LIKE' .....the 3 things we need to do the most!

Until next time.....

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