Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Casey James' new video premeiring Friday...plus instudio videos of awesome quality!

Hey everybody!!  Great news has just been released!!  CMT Big New Music Weekend starts on Friday!!!!  And Casey has been noted as CMT's 'Next Big Thing' Artist!!!  I don't know what that is, or actually I mean I've never heard of that on CMT,  but it belongs to Casey now!!!  So.....Congratulations to him, they know exactly what they're talking about....those CMT people!!!  :)   Along with 7 other artists, Casey's new Video for "Let's Don't Call It A Night" will debut in this relatively new show!  It all starts Friday, October 14th at 6:00am ET/PT, and will run through the whole weekend during music times.  Then vote for Casey's video on CMT's Facebook Page and the Top 11 videos will be the subject of another show called "CMT Social Hour."  Yay!!!  It's all taking off!!!  And before long we will be voting for it on the Top 20 Countdown for both CMT and GAC!!  So let's show Casey how much we support him and what we're made of!! 

As the only videos featured throughout regularly scheduled music hours, the eight Big New Music Weekend artists will garner more than 12 hours of airplay. These premieres also give the artists an opportunity to personally introduce their video to fans each time it airs. In addition, CMT.com will highlight each of the videos on its homepage.

Is this exciting or what????????  We've all been waiting for what seems like forever, and finally, a mere 24 days after shooting the video....it's ready for all the world to see!!!  Oh my......I'm just so thrilled for him, and......he's excited too because he tweeted just a little bit ago.....but first, we saw this....

BIG NEW MUSIC WEEKEND BEGINS FRIDAY!!!! Get details on all the artists and videos you'll be watching >>>

Then we saw this......

Casey Everett James
So there is the big news!! CMT is putting my video in their Big New Music Weekend! I hope you like it!

We will get to see it many times, as only those 8 videos will be playing during regular music times during the whole weekend!!!!!  That's 12 hours of play for just those 8 new videos!!  That means we get to see it multiple times!!!!!!  Yes!!!!!!  And....Casey will be introducing his new video before each airing!!!  I'm so excited about this!!!!  And a little misty......but yall know me, I always do that!! :)

It's just so sweet to watch his career unfolding, right before our eyes....a lot of us have been there since the beginning and some were there before.  If I'd known about him you can bet your booty I would have been going to his shows in and around Ft. Worth!  But I feel blessed to have been watching Idol that day, I had just turned it on there looking for something to watch, I had lost interest in the show a few years back, and only watched it from time to time, knowing almost nothing about the contestants.  I always liked watching the auditions because you could be assured of a few good laughs.  So on the night I saw Casey walking in for his audition, I was just looking for a laugh, and decided to watch the auditions.  But my whole demeanor changed when I saw the long blond ponytail hair of Casey walking in the door with a guitar case.  I immediately stopped and took notice.  I thought, ok, I bet this guy can sing, cause he looks good!  And....as they say, the rest is history!  After he sang, I was all in....I was hooked.  And I've never looked back, only forward, as Casey embarks on the most important time of his life!  After people start seeing his video, they will hear the song on the radio and it will click....and I will say right now, that the song will start moving at a quicker pace up the charts!!  This is all so exciting for all of us, as we watch these crucial things happening to him.  I'm loving every step of this journey!!  I've said all along, Casey James is about to take Nashville by storm....let's just see what happens!  :)

In other news, there is an impressive bunch of videos from the  Minneapolis Radio Station, K102.  The date on the site says September 22, 2011, because that's when he was there, but they were uploaded recently and these videos are AWESOME.....very professional looking!!!  So, without further ado, here's Casey at The Roadhouse at K102 in Minneapolis, Minnesota!  :)

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Blue Sky


The Good Life

Why I'm Feeling Blue


Ohhhh myyyy...... what a great bunch of videos.....I was in la-la land while listening to his pitch perfect beautiful vocals, and watching his hands play so effortlessly.....like he was eating a sandwich or something.....barely even looking, just doing it....what talent....just mezmerizing.....I have to shake my head to get back to reality, I look at the clock and realize.....O-M-G.... I GOTTA COOK SUPPER!!!!   See yall later!!!  (*waving*)  :D
More news coming soon!!  I will be back with reminders so yall remember to watch Casey on CMT this weekend!!!  (Like I really need to do that....)  For the long time fans, I'm sure they're on it, but if you're a new fan, you could forget, so I'll be back!!!  :)

Until next time.....

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  1. I am also one of those lucky ones that was there when it ALL started! I was there week after week, cheering him on, texting my fingers to the bone and just praying that this incredibly talented man would finally get the break he SO deserved! Look at him now... it's all falling into place and as you said, Glenda, he is about to really take Nashville by storm!!! There are no words to really describe just how happy I am for him... I hope all of his dreams continue to unfold and I believe the name Casey E. James will be buzzing across the Country after this weekend :) I'm SO excited to see the video!!! GO get'um CASEY!!!!!!!