Sunday, October 23, 2011

Casey James live at KSON Country Fest in Lakeside, California

Updated with Videos at the end of this post!

There's still not a whole lot from this show tonight.  Actually this afternoon....he took the stage a little early at about 4:20pm in Lakeside, Ca. for the KSON 97.3 & 92.1 Country Fest.  He had the full band with him, so I'm very anxious to see the videos.  He played "The Good Life" (faaaaa*vorite*) and "Undone" (quickly becoming a faaaa*vor*ite) with the Band, and I don't remember hearing The Good Life with the Band before.  At this time I don't have any videos from this show, but I certainly hope some come in tomorrow!!
It was an 11 song set, and although I was on the conference call, I had to hang up about 20 minutes in because I couldn't hear it anymore.  But thanks to Sheryl Clark for calling in for us!!  She will usually have pictures for us, maybe tomorrow sometime.  Anyway, here are the songs.


She's Money
I Lied
Let's Don't Call It A Night
So Sweet
So High
The Good Life
Drowning on Dry Land
Done Made Up My Mind

Here are a few of the pictures from the show.

 Thanks to Brittany Keener

Thanks to Brittany Keener
 Thanks to Marie Leatham

 Thanks to Brittany Keener

Thanks to Marie Leatham

There is a very nice article in the hometown issue of "Your Parker County" which is published by the local paper, "The Community News".  The article is based on an interview they had with Casey just before the Billy Bobs show on July 1st.   It's so good to hear something different.  This piece focused on Casey as a guitar player/singer/songwriter!!   That is just so refreshing to read!!!  A great big Thank you to them for an excellent write up!!  A lot of us have long tired of the same old Kara questions and the shirt questions and the good looks questions....Casey is about as far away from all that as any person could be.  He just had some unfortunate things happen to him, and some media just can't leave it alone.  Thank goodness some people, beside his family, friends and fans see the incredibly talented person he is and want to focus their write up on that!  I say it's about time!!  To read the entire article that will leave you with a warm feeling in your HERE.

Ok, I'm outta here for tonight, there should be videos and more pictures sometime tomorrow, so yall check back then!


"She's Money"

"So Sweet"


"Done Made Up My Mind"
Big Thanks to Brittany Keener (blkeener)

"I Lied"

Thanks to MsVerucas

"So High"

Thanks to MsVerucas

"Drowning on Dry Land"

Thanks to MsVerucas

Until then.....


  1. Thank you for the article from Your Parker County, it almost made me cry. I love the way Casey thinks, I love his mind and his big heart.

    And the videos, oh wow, Casey was on fire!

  2. Thanks Glenda, that was a wonderful piece from the Your Parker County!!! Those videos are awesome...I've missed seeing him play Done Made Up My Mind I feel like it has been awhile for that one !! He was killin' it !!! And So Sweet I so hope that one makes it on the CD !!! Chris B.

  3. Thanks, Glenda!!! *Thumbs Up* from Latvia to you and to Casey !!! Done Made Up My Mind - my favorite performance ( such so many !! ;)) by Casey so far!!! Look on!! ~ 1:34 !!! The KING of ROCK !!! too... not only the BLUES and acoustic GUITAR GOD !!! And.. Who Is (Country ) Music’s Sexiest Man? No doubt, Casey James is the ONE !!!Let's keep voting!!