Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boston Mass. welcomes Casey James to Ned Devines Irish Pub!

Hey everybody!!  Well, it was a great show tonight in Boston!  I listened in on the conference call, and it was pretty clear, most times!!  Big thanks to Margherita for doing the call for us!!  

Is that not the cutest picture ever!?!  It was re-tweeted by someone named Ginny,but not sure if she is the owner, but thanks to whoever owns it....Love it!!!!

As Casey was getting started he said that he had been in the studio this week, and one of the songs he recorded was the 1st one......."Drive"!!  I'm so glad to hear that!!  And as he was preparing for the next song,  he said he didn't realize it until afterwards, but the 'untitled' song could mean a lot to the folks at Camp Pendleton, where he played last week, as the song speaks of missing someone you love and wishing you were together, and that could mean something to those in the military and away from home.
He then talked some about his flight to NY, saying he thought the plane was going to be full, so he 'checked' his guitar, which he usually doesn't do, and there were about 4 people on the whole flight!!!   Then he halfway said out loud, what he should play next.  Well, of course  Casey fans jumped on that right quick!!  "So Sweet!!" yelled 2 or 3 people from the crowd, including one guy!!  Casey hadn't done an acoustic of this song since he was in.....Ohio I think.  So it was different from what he had been doing acoustically.  And.....he said he "laid it down on Monday".....he thinks!  Oh my goodness....  it's true!!!!  "Untitled" is gonna be on the album....maybe!!!   I guess laying it down doesn't automatically mean it's on the album.....but I'm stoked about it anyway!!!!  Love that song....whatever the title is!!!  :)
He seemed to be in a very good mood and talked quite a bit!  Here is a list of the songs he sang, in order they were sang!


Love the way you miss me (*untitled*)
So Sweet

$50 & a Flask of Crown
Polk Salad Annie
Shine your Shoes
I'm Over You
So High
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Jailhouse Blues

The Good Life
Never Walk Away
Oh Well

Big Thanks going out to Margherita (@AintItBeautiful) for these next awesome videos!!  :)
So Sweet

$50 & a Flask of Crown

Untitled-(love the way you miss me)

I'm Over You

So High

The Good Life

Never Walk Away

Shine Your Shoes

Polk Salad Annie

Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

These videos were just a little later coming in, but I wanted to make sure I got them on here....and glad I did....those things are AWESOME!!!   Thank you so much Margherita!!!  If it weren't for all the fans doing such a fantastic job of documenting these early shows, we would know little about Casey and his music!!  We are also getting to know his cool personality too, from these videos!!  So Thank You to all the hard working fans bringing us back pristine videos like these!!!  Yall all rock!!!!  :)

More pictures are in, and oh my goodness.....are they good!!!!

 Thanks to Pam Haley
Thanks to Pam Haley

 Thanks to Tracie Smith
Thanks to Tracie Smith

 Thanks to Tracie Smith

Thanks to @ Artist_at_Heart
Thanks to @Artist_at_Heart

And now....all these very clear and perfect videos!!!!!
Thanks so much to luvcaseyjames for these high quality videos!!!  :)

"Love the way you miss me" (untitled actually)

"So Sweet"

"Polk Salad Annie"

"Shine Your Shoes"

"So High"

"The Good Life"

"I'm Over You"

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

"Jailhouse Blues"

"Never Walk Away"

I just can't believe my ears sometimes!!  Just when I think I have heard every genre of music Casey can perform, he surprises me again!!!  And this time.....believe this or was a "Bluegrass" song!!   It was an old tune, called "Jailhouse Blues"....and he NAILED IT!!!  More and more, I'm believing he has got to be a gift from God to all of us here on's the only way to describe how I feel.  There is nothing he can't do!!!  Literally!!  His talent far surpasses everything I thought he was, in the beginning!!  I knew he was talented, but he continues, almost 2 years later, to show us new and interesting music he can do!!  He beats all I've ever seen!!  *shaking my head in disbelief*.....

Thanks to TracieLSmith
 Thanks to Threez

 Thanks to Margherita (@Aintitbeautiful)

There were a couple of tweets.....


Idol finalist Casey James rocking in Boston! Thx my sweet hubby for humoring me!

Ginny Rogers

Casey James wowing crowd at Ned Devines in Boston with Country 102.5

I couldn't open that link on the tweet above, maybe yall can....hope so!!  Would love to see the pics they have!!

The #4 song was one I hadn't heard Casey sing before, and the name of it is, "$50 and a Flask of Crown" by Bleu Edmondson.  Bleu is a  artist that leans more, (imo) toward the "Texas Red Dirt" music.  Another of his popular tunes is "Finger on the Trigger".

If you would like to see the 'official video' of Bleu Edmondson singing $50 and a Flask of Crown, just click HERE.

And as I was about to be out of here, I found this....Casey is talking to Fox News about his debut album!!!  I love it when he gets this media attention!!  It was loaded to YouTube just recently, so I'll just post it, instead of trying to post the original.

And....just as I was leaving.....he Tweeted us this Yellow Note!!!

That is one very sweet guy....just sayin'

Ok, yall....that's all I have for now, if more comes in, I'll post it for yall!!
And....if there are any of you little dog, Brandy is doing good!    She had her first treatment for the heartworms on Wednesday, and we've had to keep her very calm, no excitement at all, if possible.  If any of you have ever owned a Boxer, you know how difficult that is to do, cause they are full of energy.  But she did pretty good the last couple of days, only running around a couple of times.  And I've had to monitor her for any signs of pneumonia, because the treatments can cause it, and you have to get rid of it quickly.  Only a couple of gags, not coughs, today.  She is still eating and drinking good, so no problems.  BIG Thanks to everyone who is  keeping her in your good thoughts and prayers, I appreciate it so much!!

And one more AWESOME thing!!!  Most of you know we have all been voting for Casey and "Let's Don't Call It A Night" on CMT's Pure 12 Pack.  Well, I have incredible news!!!!  He is #1!!!!  Yes!!!  I almost didn't believe my eyes, because he was #11 last week, and I think the week before too.  But this week....all the Casey fans came together in a BIG way and put our boy in the #1 spot!!!  I am so thrilled about this!!  That tells me, when it gets on the voting page of the Top 20 Countdown on both CMT and GAC, it is gonna fly right on down that too!!  It may take a little longer, because there are more people voting, I think, but I believe WE can do it....for Casey!!  He deserves this so much!!!  Thank you to all the fans for working hard to get him to #1 in just a few short days!!   Click the link above to view the video in it's #1 spot!!!

UPDATED with new photos below!!

Thanks to Margherita (@AintItBeautiful) for all these beautiful shots!!! 

Until next time.....


  1. Thank you Glenda! Love your writing :) Waiting for the videos :)

  2. Thanks Outsa! We should have them by tomorrow!!

  3. I know he's being sweet and I'm rotten but does he always have to tease us by saying he's off to bed? Just sayin...

  4. Casey is not the only one that cant watch their sports team... Im a Tiger and almost kicked the TV.... ha ha ha they beat the Rangers 2 out of 3 all seasons.. have the best pitchers ,,, and Catcher .. and look what happen..I was watching... ha ha ha
    Great Job Casey.... Im so proud and happy for you.. I know you are working hard but it,s starting to pay off...........

  5. Great write up Glenda! I couldn't think of the missing song last night. But now know it was called "Jail House Blues" it's an old bluegrass song! Thanks for all the work you do. Love your blog!!

  6. Thanks so much Gail!!! I just found out that missing song title a little bit ago!! I LOVE Bluegrass, & couldn't believe my ears when I heard him playing it! there anything he CAN'T do?? So So much talent in this precious young man!!!!
    I've been gone most of the day & hadn't had time to get back over here and get evrything else up from last night! Sounds and looks like it was a great show!!

    thank you and your welcome girl...this is my baby....It's where I pour my heart out...sometimes....when I need to. And I know there will be people here to talk to me, anytime. It's my place of comfort, and I'm so glad I started it!! Thank you hunny!!! Thank you so much!! :)